Bahria Town Karachi Location Map Ideas, Pricing Update

Do you want to find Bahria Town Karachi Location Map Ideas, Pricing Update during 2014? As after last date of transfer registration, booking open for All Bahria Town Karachi Projects include (Bahria Town Karachi, Hoshang Pearl, Opal 225) now everyone is looking forwards to Map Ideas, Pricing Update and its future. These whole things are updated here at one place and for any interested buyer it’s not need to go anywhere.  For any serious buyers both of these things are too much important. Because selection of part is too much important and according to location of these plots prices are also update high or low.

Last Date for Registration: December 16, 2013

Last Date of Transfer & Open for All Bahria Town Karachi Projects: 08 Jan, 2014

Bahria Town Karachi (Residential):

Buying Rate: 135,000

Selling Rate: 145,000

Bahria Town Karachi Residential

Hoshang Pearl (Transfer/Open started):

Buying Rate: 125,000

Selling Rate: 140,000

Hoshang Pearl

Opal 225 (Transfer/Open started):

Buying Rate: 160,000

Selling Rate: 175,000

Opal 225

As one knows that Bahria Town is known due to their quality work, every project that starts under this platform is full with all facilities and basic necessities. So investors and all those that want to build homes at perfect location are looking forward to new projects of Bahria Town. Due to these whole reasons at start of whole project a huge rush sees to get application form. Now its time for the time of investment because now no more days are left for registration. So all those that not complete registration contacts to those that gets files because with passage of every day rates will go high.

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