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Asif Ali Zardari Net Worth 2014

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     Mr. Asif Ali Zardari is one of the richest personalities in Pakistan and too much popular in the world due to their political career in Pakistan. This is the reason that every one wants to know Asif Ali Zardari Net Worth 2014. He becomes the 11th president of Pakistan from 2008 to 2024 and now co-chairperson of Pakistan people’s party. Now this time he is too much popular due to the best and polite political leader and becomes the root of the politics. He is the only man that’s complete their five year duration as president in the history of Pakistan. He faced a lot of problems in their political career but due to a lot of pressure against the opposition but he faces and don’t be alone the real democracy in Pakistan.

    He belong to feudal family and he in the only man that having a lot of wealth in their family and now this time he is the second richest person in Pakistan. He married to the Benazir Bhutto in 1987 and becomes the first gentle man.


    Asif Ali Zardari Net Worth 2014: 2 billion to 5 billion US dollars

    Few other personalities who own huge amount of worth.

    Main Mansha 

    Malik Riaz 

    Mir Shakeel ur Rehman

    In past he arrest on the charge of corruption and after that’s there are so many people understands to this person as the king of corruption but unfortunately he nominated as president of Pakistan in past. On the other hand sources said his party obtained three billions of loan from international monetary fund that’s becomes later to out economical crises of the nation. In start their political career he is not too much popular and he lost their seat from one city of Sindh. Now this time if we are estimated their net assets worth round about 2 billion to 5 billion US dollars. He has only one son and two daughters and his son Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in the Chairman of the Pakistan People’s party. There is some other relationship of in front of some newspaper and Zardari and Tanveer Zamani get married in past but both are denied their relationship and against this romance and after that’s he becomes quick action against this news. Now this time he is the basic part of politics and you can say politics without Zardari in nothing. Although this year their political party is not part of center government but till Asif Ali Zardari Net Worth 2014 is stable and he is able to maintain his business and money.

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