Daewoo Battery Price List 2022 in Pakistan Dealers from Lahore Karachi

From start, they promote the concept of dry batteries. Because their life is better then the water batteries. Now, Daewoo Battery price list 2022 in Pakistan cover a broad line up, while many of the Daewoo authorized dealers worked from Lahore and Karachi. If we reviews their technology that is advance because of they are long lasting. Just install and enjoy. Furthermore, many of batteries options are there for you based on cells and powers like 6 cells, 10 cells and etc. Because they made them according to vehicle types like the battery power and cells are different for truck and car. Same as it the prices of the batteries are changed.

Daewoo Battery Price in Pakistan 2022:

  • Mostly in the summer season, everybody uses UPS in the home when electricity off. But most of the time when the light goes away for a long time then batteries do not survive and expire. People worried and confuse about which is the best battery for UPS, cars, and heavy vehicles.

Then people find this type of battery who are price wise cheap but works for a long time. So check Daewoo Battery price in Pakistan 2022 who cover both of these stuff.

Daewoo Battery Price List 2022:

  • The dry battery concept was started many years ago in foreign countries but recently this company has launched. And the first table of Daewoo Battery price list 2022 is of dry one. Till now several models of dry batteries have come into the market and people are using them with complete satisfaction.

Daewoo Dry Battery Price in Pakistan 2022:

On audience demand, all the Daewoo dry battery price in Pakistan 2022 models are arranging there. But, because of much uncertainties in the economy, these rates will change at any time without any notice.

Model Price
DB-110 12,999 Rupees
DIB-135 16,850 Rupees
DIB-165 23,731 Rupees
DIB-180 28,950 Rupees
DIB-200 36,570 Rupees
DIB-225 39,250 Rupees
DIB-260 42,771 Rupees
  • Prices of all models have mentioned and just take model no and with the price you can confirm from dealers or market.

Daewoo Car Battery Price in Pakistan 2022:

The battery is a basic thing for cars but most of the time people face difficulties especially in the winter season when the battery does leave work. Daewoo understands the customer’s problem and specially launches some battery models for the car.

Hopefully, after installation, your problem will solve. On the other hand, if you want to take the Daewoo opinion about car battery then follow the instruction.

  • Open Official Page: “https://daewoobattery.com/automotive/
  • Click on the “Car Battery” option.
  • Select the car type like SUV, Sedan, LTV, Hatchback.
  • Then Enter the car name and select the company Name.
  • Daewoo will tell you which battery is perfect for your vehicle.

Daewoo UPS Battery Price in Pakistan 2022:

Consumption of UPS automatically increases in the summer season as well as everyone prefers a good battery. Moreover, follow above the table where all the battery models and prices mentioned. Approximately, Daewoo battery starts from above 15 thousand rupees.

  • Note: To gather the precise rate, numbers of dealer will help the buyer.

list of cost of battery

Daewoo Battery Dealers in Lahore

Several dealers have registered with Daewoo battery working in Lahore. But people do not aware of dealers. Below the table shops, names of the dealers and contact are mention as well as you can gather the information on the call. Some of the dealers giving home delivery services in Lahore in different areas.

Battery House 042 37239687
Pakistan Battery Store 0333 7711093
Muhammadi Battery Shop 0322 4311747
Sajjad Battery Traders 0321 4367254
Umer Battery Store 0334 8150881
Haji M. Ikram Butt Battery Shop 0320 9448971
Cantt. Battery Shop 0333 4198598
Sabri Traders or Store 055 3845554
Chaudhary Battery Traders 0320 4890000
Lasani Battery Shop 052 4264020

Daewoo Battery Dealer in Karachi:

Some of the dealers exist in different areas of Karachi who are selling Daewoo batteries. Besides many local sellers are selling Daewoo products.

Syed Battery Shop 0333-3145571
Modern Battery Store 021-32720223
Imran Battery Traders 0321-3872103
Mirab Battery Shop 0300-2259464
Tariq Auto Store 0333-2208310
Iman Traders sHOP 0333-2159993

We tried to put together the Daewoo battery price list 2022 in Pakistan and Daewoo dry battery price list 2022 from this content as well. In addition, all of dealers who are operating in Lahore and Karachi, are always ready to co operate with the buyers at any time. They are trained, that’s why guide one more accurately.

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