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Driving License Karachi Fees 2024 Verification Online Apply

Posted by Xaibi Sir
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    To become a legal it necessary to notice the age limit requirement, driving license Karachi fees 2024 which has been prescribed in this procedure. When it comes to the procedure to get a driving license in Sindh then first you get the learner and then after fulfilling the further terms, you become the official holder of the permanent licence. After applying, the option of Driving License Karachi Verification Online is also accessible. Following the roles, your age has to be up to 18 years. To get the license to drive a light motor vehicle, then your age limit has to be 21 years. On the other hand, if you want to drive a heavy transport vehicle then your age has to be up to 22 years. So, first of all, make sure that your age will fall within this limit.

    Driving License Karachi Fees 2024:

    • All of the Driving License Karachi fees 2024 are in the following table that is different for the motorcycle, car or any other vehicle applicant.

    There are basically two kinds of driving licenses and they are stated as private driving license and professional one driving license. Then we often encounter the further classification of these licenses into

    • Learner and Permanent License
    • And then Renewal

    Let’s Begin with:

    Learning Driving License Karachi Fees 2024:

    For domestic vehicles, this license can be used for approx. “One and Half Month” and after completing the validity time of this license, you will get a permanent driving license. For other commercial transport vehicles, you can use this license for (Ninety) 90 days, which makes (Three) 3 months.

    • To get this learner license, you should attach “Two” copies of your fresh photos along with the original and photocopy of your CNIC. While, the fees of  learning driving license Karachi is also properly integrated in the table.

    Permanent Driving License Fees Karachi:

    If one wants to get a permanent driving license, then you will be attaching 2 photocopies of your passport size pictures, copy of your original CNIC, your original learner driving license.

    • Once you will pass the competency driving test, then your application will right away be endorsed by DSP and you will Pay “Two Fifty Rupees” to the snapshot counter. A proper fees chart of permanent license is also in this text.

    Car Driving License Fees in Karachi:

    This fee is not in the thousands rupees. So, if you are riding this vehicle and has not this document then plz pay this very rational charges. Without this license, you are not considered a legal driver.

    Bike Driving License Fees in Karachi:

    • In common, bike riders are not supposed the driving license mandatory. But, it’s their wrong approach. To motivate the people, govt has not raised any amount that everyone can manage it.

    chartfor fee

    Driving License Karachi Verification Online:

    • One who has this license can Check it expiry or validity Online. This Method also assist that this is fake or original.

    Note: Yet option to apply online for the Driving License in Karachi has not functional. Maybe they will plan to integrate it soon.

    Where are the centers to deposit application?

    • Nazimabad
    • Clifton
    • Baldia Town
    • Korangi

    Driving License Karachi Renewal Fee:

    If any individual has to renew his permanent driving license, then you will attach  2 latest passport size pictures, a copy of your CNIC card and your original learner driving license with the form. You will report your application at the lamination counter and you have to pay 250 to the slip counter.

    This is how the procedure to get a driving license in Karachi gets followed! Maybe, the Driving License Karachi fees 2024 will rise a bit in the next month but not sure that how much they will increase or decide.

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