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Future of Solar Energy in Pakistan; Solar Energy Tubewell, Panels

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    The topic here one discuss is Future of Solar Energy in Pakistan; Solar Energy Tubewell, Panels. Pakistan has been facing a worst shortfall of electricity since last few years. The growth of industry has increase the demand of energy but the production is not being meat because of economic crises. The government is unable to start new production houses and plants due to financial problems. It is not only effecting the industrial production but also the domestic lives in Pakistan. It is predicted that if no positive measure will be taken in this regard the shortfall of electricity will reach to such an extent that Pakistan’s economy will collapse in the next few years.

    Future of Solar Energy in Pakistan

    Future of Solar Energy in Pakistan; Solar Energy Tubewell, Panel

    Future of Solar Energy in Pakistan; especially Solar Energy Tube well, Panel is given there..

    It is the high time to look for the cheap ways to produce power in Pakistan. Solar energy can be usefully consumed to produce electricity for it can become so cheap that it can compete coal and oil. Pakistan, where average time per day for sunlight is 9 hours and this natural power can be utilized very productively as it is predicated that the future of Pakistan lies in solar energy nowadays not only the western countries but also developing countries of south Asia such as India and Bangladesh are deploying this energy. China has introducing a large amount of solar panels. Pakistan by using its friendly terms with china can ask china to support in the solar power production. The solar energy should be seriously considered because this renewable energy is the energy of future.

    Long-term solutions and cheap energy sources are required for Pakistan energy crises. First of all we have strictly take measures against the massive theft and consumption taking place in the power sector. As the population increases the demand of electricity also increases so the government should plan for the future requirement. The best strategy recommended by Dr. Tariq Banurie, who is a great advocate of renewable energy in Pakistan, is that the government should introduce low price energy for low income sector and the high income sector i.e. industry, agriculture, commercial and institutional group should produce their own energy. Instead of using diesel generator which are major source of noise pollution, efficient and nonpolluting energy system should be encouraged. At present solar PV and Solar thermal based market are developing in the big cities of the country without much governmental support.

    In this time of significant energy shortfall with heavy load shading in big cities and almost no electricity in rural areas, government of Pakistan should take positive measure to encourage and finance the production of solar energy.

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