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How to Check Family Tree Online NADRA? in Pakistan

Posted by Xaibi Sir
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    Now you can engage with the NADRA office and take the total information about your family. Further, public looking the how to check family tree online NADRA because all the things exist online and check their family members. No, doubt some of the people have migrated from neighbor countries and shifted into Pakistan and few needs it for migration of properties. Just send the national ID card no on that number who have been introduced by NADRA authority and then receive the history about family members. As well, they starts issuing the certificate of the families. Stay and gather sufficient stats regarding how to check Family Tree Online NADRA? here in Pakistan.

    How to Check Family Tree Online NADRA?

    • Ultimately, NADRA grant the online information about any of family with simply type the “CNIC Number then next a space and further write the issue date of the ID card and send on 8009”. After sending the SMS you will receive the complete family tree member’s details within few seconds.

    NADRA Family Tree Verification App

    For the facilitation of the students now download the NADRA app from the play store and app store and then register. After this process logs in to the app and then enter the CNIC no and take the details about the family.

    If another person does not exist in your family and registers with your family, then complain to the NADRA office and they will remove.

    Check Family Details Through CNIC Online:

    Now, you can check the family details through CNIC online and beauty of this process is that now every data is modernize online.

    • Open official page of NADRA.
    • Click on Family Details Online
    • Enter the CNIC no
    • Your complete family details will show on your screen.

    NADRA Family Registration Certificate

    On the call of the Federal Government, NADRA has started to given the certificate to the people that require it. Firstly, go after the process of registration for the certificate and when this process will complete then administration will issue a certificate to you. There are two types of family registration certificate exist that is mentioned in below.

    1 Family Certificate with parents and siblings
    2 Family certificate with Wife and Children

    Before apply must check their categories where you are going to apply.

    How to Check Family Tree Online in Pakistan?

    Again, which type of family tree you want in Pakistan. In past, this was very complex but after the alignment in the procedure, one will easily get them.

    Family Certificate with parents and siblings

    Some documentation has required by the NADRA that is written in below.

    1 ID Card No of sibling and parents is requiring
    2 Enter the exact Name spelling that is mentioned in ID card.
    3 Below 18-year photograph is required
    4 If your family is not registered with NADRA then your application will not process. So firstly registered with the NADRA and then apply for a certificate.
    5 When your FRC application is successfully submitted then you will receive the certificate in PDF form through EMAIL.

    Family certificate with Wife and Children:

    Simple, note down the following process and documents that you need. And their is bit changing in above and this table but this is significant.

    1 The identity card or CNIC number of Spouse and children while if your children ID is not available then give the B Form No.
    2 Mention the same name that is of yours Identity Card or B Form.
    3 Those family members who are below the 18 year will give the Photograph.
    4 After give the complete information you will receive the family certificate within 1 or 2 working days.
    NADRA Family Registration Certificate Online Check

    Best is to verify the NADRA Family Registration Certificate online check because when formals issue the certificates then firstly they inserted the bar code as well registration mention on the certificate. When you open the official page and click on verify certificate then enter the registration no. Because if your certificate has been issued  then details will show on your screen.

    Important to Know:

    Q.N.1. How can I see my family tree online?

    ANS: Just open the official page, portal, and APP then enters the complete no of ID card. Your complete family details regarding how many people are living, children details, and parents.

    Q.N.2. How can I find my Nadra family tree?

    ANS: If you are living in rural areas and want to know the family tree from NADRA then visit the nearest office of the NADRA and give the complete details. As well, you are living in the urban areas then you can check the online family tree because in rural areas the availability of the internet does not exist as compared to urban areas.

    Q.N.3. How can I check my bio data through CNIC?

    ANS: People registered with NADRA but with the passage of time, they do not check the details of the family. Some of the people are working in this department who do the corruption and enter an unofficial person in your family. Those people who are unaware of this scam now can get their family bio data from there.

    process for tree is simple

    This is a big initiative by the government and NADRA because many of the foreigners are living in Pakistan and everyone wants to take the nationality. But the government of Pakistan does not allow nationality to every person.

    In addition, all basic question who want to ask all the people who are living in Pakistan is mentioned with answers. Further, if they announce or change the criteria and some other than update of the people about how to check Family Tree online NADRA? in Pakistan. But, overall this is a well aligned process that might be very simple if one will procced it in proper way.

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