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How to Renew British Passport in Pakistan Procedure of Renewal

Posted by ali sial
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    This is one main document that shows the identity of a person, with this one not allowed to stay or visit in any other country. It is mainly the duty of the British High Commission which is working in this country that they will be responsible for the growth and also the continuation of their relations right between the UK and Pakistan. If your British passport has been expired and you want to renewal it then we can tell you the procedure that how to renew it: Now because of security risks one must need to update documents at right time. Otherwise agencies has sharp look on you that create a lot of problems. Method: For this you have to follow an online application process. You will be making an online payment channel and will be filling the online operation.

    • You will not be submitting and handing over your applications right at the commission office which is located in Islamabad. You can use this for the counseling.
    • You can too send your passport applications by post. All of your courier fees and also your passport fees will be made and paid with the help of banker’s draft.
    • It will take about the duration and the processing time will be 4 weeks. For very first time applications, the processing time will be 6 months.
    • If you fail to get your renewed passport on time and you have to travel in an emergency then you can take and seek guidance from the counseling offices.
    • If your application forms will not be supported by completed documents then your application will fail to process any further.

    All Possible Numbers and Address:

    contact info

    The above is formal communication info so one must call on above number for taking help, or send mail on mentioned id. One must get response with in days.

    To know about the eligibility details and information, you can collect all details from official site and pages. Mean while a proper man is available to support all those who has any issue. Apparently this looks a normal things but this is sensitive issue. In case of any emergency one face many troubles. So not be late if one need to do that.

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