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How to take Khula from Husband Procedure in Pakistan in Urdu Process Law

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    A break up is most difficult time for a married couple, especially when a lady will desire to do that. This is clearly mentioned that Khula is the right of all Muslim wives in Islam. They can have their ending of marriage right from their husband. This can be done with the help of intervention of the courts. But one require to follow proper procedure according to law in Pakistan, the summary of process that how to take Khula is in below. This is in English language for Urdu one need to translate it. Starts from its Reasons: A wife can have close down of the relationship on these grounds. If her spouse has not appeared for a time frame of four years. If her life partner has failed to give her maintenance. If a treats his wife with cruelty, if one force and convince her to lead an immoral life then that Muslim woman can apply for this permanent separation.


    • First of all a lady will be filing a suit for her split up then the court will right away issue a notice to that particular opposite party.
    • If at the respective date and time, the man will fail to show and appear at the processing of case then the court has this right to proceed and pass a decree.
    • On the other hand, if the husband will appear then he has to file and give a written statement so that court can get start with the Pre Trial proceedings. A process of back together can too be carried out between husband and wife with the help of court.
    • If the restoration comes out to be a failure then the court has to pass they order for the ending up of this relation.

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    A major reason behind the Khula is that when a man does not perform any kind of marital obligations. No doubt its responsibility of a woman that he always gives respect to husband but it does not mean that a male always force her to be obedient. She is also a daughter of someone, she deserve some thing. A bad thing in Pakistan society is that a man never sees a lady in equal vent position. These things made number of split up, in entire situation the most effected ones are your children. So respect each other and settle things in best way before arrival of such situation.

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