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TCS International Rates Pakistan to UK, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Canada

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    For sending the parcel to some other countries, TCS International Rates are still better than the other courier options. The basic aim of TCS is to satisfy its users. Now, this is considered a reliable name for sending parcels, packages, sensitive documents, and cargo at both domestic and at international levels. In Pakistan, it is a company that has its own airline for shipment which is available at several airports. The TCS international tariff of courier charges from Pakistan to USA Dubai and UK rates can be obtained at this place.  This company is also paying a strong impact on the Pakistan economy by offering reliable and efficient services to the people. It provides logistics services in the commercial and business sectors. Further, take TCS International Rates.

    TCS International Rates

    The amount of TCS International rates are depending on the countries where u want to send the parcel. For, the USA, Dubai, and UK courier charge detail is listed in this text.

    At the domestic level, people can avail the opportunity for MMS service, delivery on the same day, overnight, on Holiday, and many other great services. Its network is very wide in Pakistan it has a number of centers, more than four thousand courier members and a huge number of trackable delivery vehicles, and 24 stands by services. Their delivery time is within 3 to 5 working days. It provides goods at your doorstep.

    TCS International Rates Pakistan to UK

    Most of the time people in this country are going for studies to the UK. So their loved ones are in search of TCS rates from Pakistan to the UK, so here they also get the courier charges.

    People prefer it over other services because of its reliability and quick service. A very minimum amount is consumed to send goods to distant places. It also ensures the insurance coverage issues and if the good is not delivered at the mentioned address then the company returns the goods to the sender along with the money.

    Note: Company has all rights to change these TCS International Rates without giving any notice.

    • Rates Chart:




    They are the first who offered to outclass work in this country. The CEO of this organization is worked as a commercial pilot and for 30 years, he is associated with this remarkable organization. He has done work with immense dedication and motivation to make this a trustable company. Currently, it has become one of the leading courier organizations in this country, whose all services are just Immatchable. Recently, because of too much swing in prices of about everything, TCS International Rates are also affected by it.


    In addition, its headquartering are not only located in Pakistan but also in various parts of the world such as in North America and the Middle East. It is becoming the largest courier service in Pakistan because of its innovation, passion, focus, commitment, and pioneering spirit.

    TCS International Rates Pakistan to Saudi Arabia

    A massive strength of the people living, doing business, and doing jobs in Saudi Arabia. People want to send some goods, and things through TCS but they don’t know about the charges.

    • In the above images, you can see the TCS courier charges.

    TCS International Rates Pakistan to Italy

    Are you sending parcels from Pakistan to Italy and decided through TCS? So, now all rates are given above because the price depends on KG.

    • The price depends on KG and will visit the official page.

    TCS International Rates Pakistan to Canada

    Before sending everyone seeking TCS International Rates Pakistan to Canada. The latest charges issued by the TCS already update above as well for audience facilitation, TCS introduced the calculator facility.

    • TCS International rates for the UK depend on the dollar rate and these days dollar prices much fluctuate.

    TCS International Rates Per KG 2024

    Some people ask about the international per kg rate and some ask about the local per kg rate. Both are different and the price lists are available on the official page and in every branch.

    • Visit the nearest branch and get the latest local and international per KG price.

    TCS International Rates Pakistan to USA

    • A detail of the TCS rates from Pakistan to the USA majorly depends on the weight of your parcel. The following chart is enough for you to tell the entire story of rates.

    TCS International Rates Pakistan to UAE

    • Because of the high number of Pakistanis in the UAE, the demand for TCS Charges from Pakistan to Dubai is very high. So, this rate list is also clear below.

    From Pakistan to Dubai:

    Documents Weight Up to Half KG Every addition of Half Kg Parcels Up to First KG Adding Half KG
    13.71 Dollar 2.42 Dollar 16 Dollar 3.23 Dollar

    From Dubai to Pakistan:

    Documents For 1st Half KG Every addition of Half Kg Parcels For the 1st First KG In addition to the Half KG
    14.52 Dollar 4.84 Dollar 24.19 Dollar 4.84 Dollar

    TCS International Rates Calculator

    Viewed Here

    Before sending a parcel through TCS people want to calculate charges through the TCS calculator from Pakistan to another country. The administration of TCS introduces the online calculator on its official webpage where they can calculate.

    In the same way, TCS also facilitates people living in abroad by offering cool services. Due to its valuable services, they always preferred it. The TCS international rates that they charge for couriers from Pakistan to USA Dubai and UK are now a bit high but still, it’s safe. This is one safe way to send things from one place to another.


    Does TCS do international shipping?

    ANS: Yes, the international courier service is available by TCS except in some countries.

    How long TCS takes for international delivery?

    ANS: Normally, 1 to 5 business days are required for international delivery but it depends on the current situation. Because sometimes flight operation disturbs so that why delivery may be late.

    Does TCS deliver to the USA from Pakistan?

    ANS: Yes, TCS service courier service is available for Pakistan to the USA.

    Does TCS deliver from the UK to Pakistan?

    ANS: Now, you can send their courier through TCS from Pakistan to the UK. They are good in all of these areas and doing best from years.

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