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How to Verify Telenor Sim Against CNIC From Biometric System

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    According to the instruction of Government of Pakistan and PTA it is compulsory that all the SIMs that are not activated by the Bio metric system process should be re activated by this system as soon as possible otherwise you SIM will be blocked. If you want to keep your SIM active there is a dead line given by the Government of Pakistan and PTA which is 26th Feb, 2015. All those who are not familiar with the process of the Telenore SIM verification can get to know that How to Verify Telenor Sim Against CNIC From Bio metric System. The process is not so lengthy and difficult, you just need to carefully read this post and you will be able to do it with ease. Telenor SIM verification online is the best way but we are giving you the more simple way than it, have a look under here:

    Telenore SIM Verification Process:

    1. If you want to save your SIM from being blocked you should visit your nearest Telenore sales and Services Center, Franchise or Sahulat Ghar along with your Computerized Identity Card.
    2. Now tell the number to the Customer care officer you want to verify.
    3. The customer officer will now verify your given number against your CNIC,you have to wait a bit and after few time he/she will let you know the results.
    4. If your SIM will be successfully verified a confirmation SMS will be sent on your number to let you know that your SIM has been verified successfully.

     How to Verify Telenor Sim Against CNIC From Biometric System

    telenor sim verification online

    In order to unsuccessful verification of your SIM because of Thumb impression mismatch, the customer should go to the NADRA office for the the correction of the thumb impressions.
    All the Telenor users are informed that the number which will not verified until 26th February 2015 through the Biometric system will be blocked at as per the PTA instruction. So if you want to save your SIM and want it to go on you must go through this process as so as you can. There are few days left otherwise your SIM will be blocked. Stay in touch with this page to get more latest information that can help you out in every facet of life

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