KPK Arms License Verification Online Tracking 2018

As per the law of this country, people can hold licensed arms for self-defense. As compared to other provinces of Pakistan, almost every Pashtun in KPK is love to have a gun in his home. That’s why a proper department is working in KPK to issues the arms license for the eligible person. In recent few years, the total credit goes to the current government who shifted the entire old system to online. After the establishment of this new regularity, all license holders’ advised to update their old license to a computerized one. That’s why now KPK arms license verification online is also possible in 2018. Even now KPK Arms License tracking is also adding in this system. Most people mix up the tracking and verification with each other. But basically, these two are the entirely different process. In below we try to differentiate them from each other.

Basically, verification is the system through which one will get renewal status of the license. Meanwhile, this method is built for those who deposit their old book license to get the computerized card.

  • KPK Arms License Verification Online

Tracking is for the new applicants. Through this, the applicant can check the proceedings of the new license.

Hopefully, the modernization of this arrangement must control the entire mafia who issued a fake license. Meanwhile, for the deserved applicants this is the most appropriate way to get a new license for their gun.

  • KPK Arms License Tracking Online

Furthermore, if one check out the type of these License card, then these are of three types.

1: Non Restricted bore (valid for only KPK)

2: Non Restricted bore (valid for entire Pakistan)

3: Restricted bore (valid for only KPK)

the new one

Moreover, now all type of info related to verification or to apply for new one is accessible on the official online portal. Now, one has not needed to go any office, just browse it online and collect all info. It’s also a reality; that other provisional governments also declared to modernize their old system. But they are not properly working; only KPK Arms License Verification Online is possible. That why they deserve appreciation for this action.

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