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KPK Baldiyati Election Result 2015 Peshawar Winner Candidates Name Party ECP Announced

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    As weather is going hot in all ECP KPK baldiyati election result 2015 add some more hotness in this announcement Peshawar winner candidates name and party are also starts to come. On the polling day situations are going worst when parties’ starts blaming to each other that they are involve in rigging. This allegation is starts from ANP worker when they blame that their opposite candidates that are belongs to PTI are casting votes through rigging. After this uncertain incident worker of both parties are come in front to each other after which couple of injuries are happened among which later on one is passed. As situation going worst police enter in field and they start beating workers of both parties but some source said that this process is better take place on ANP workers. This situation arise number of questions for PTI government because they always said that present federal govt is formed after rigging. They had also done a strong political practice in form of dharna that is purely depends on rigging. While number of time when question asked that which work they had done in KPK better than other police. They answered that their major work is that their police is not politicized. After this worst incident on polling day of Baldiyati Election this is big thing that arise number of questions.

    KPK Baldiyati Election Peshawar Winner Candidates Name Party:



    Jamaat e Islami:


    Moving to KPK Baldiyati election result 2015 then in Peshawar city a tough competition is expected between PTI and ANP candidates in every union council. At one side ANP is in coming back situation and they come back strongly and PTI candidates has advantage because local government machinery must help them in polling days as well during campaign. After polling day everyone is just waiting for result that never come after polling day, because this time ECP decides that KPK baldiyati election result 2015 after six days of polling according to unofficial result in Peshawar winner candidates name party is come in next hours so wait for a while soon it must updated.

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