List of Gazetted Public Optional Holidays in Pakistan 2018 pdf Notification Interior Ministry

No doubt vacations are also a great thing to get relief from stress and worries. This cause more happiness when it comes without Sunday, in Pakistan such kind of holidays is come on some special days. Further, these vary from province to province, while for some interior ministry reveal notification of a list of some Gazetted Public and Optional Holidays, now in 2018 this list has come in form of PDF that must cover all vacation days. For some people, holidays can be very stressful time if they don’t have something interesting and as a consequent, they feel so stress, depressed and anxious during the holidays.

Best ways are shared here to celebrate the holiday days that come this year.

Create a Plan for Holidays:

To spend the most mindful holidays make some intentions that can be specific or broad. While planning focus on your energy and time and decide which place or thing you want to visit to make good memories.

Go for Shopping:

Shopping keeps the mind fresh. So go for a shopping with your friends and colleagues. It is not necessary that if you go then and buy some. Window shopping with your friend’s also sometimes works great.

Spend Time Friends and Family:

Holidays are the best time to meet the expectations of the friend’s family. Organize a small get-together with friends and family members and do long conversations with them. If not possible at home ask them to meet at some outside place.

List of Gazetted Public Optional Holidays in Pakistan 2018


Up to now, these are expected holidays, the further official chart will reveal in upcoming few days.

Date Day Occasion
5 February Monday Kashmir Day
23 March Friday Pakistan Day
1 May Tuesday Labour Day
15 to till 17 June Eid ul-Fitr
14 August Tuesday Independence Day
22 to 23 August Wednesday Eid ul-Azha
12 to 13 September Ashura
21 November Wednesday Milad un-Nabi
25 December Tuesday Quiad-e-Azam Day

Make it Relaxing:

Holidays break hectic routine so that you becoming so relaxing as much as possible. So keep yourself relax by reading a book or by doing a long sleep or by cooking a yummy meal for your family.

Before planning these all activities in 2018 first check this pdf list of Gazetted holidays that covers both public and optional days. Because its announce from Interior Ministry so there is not any doubt of them. So just chill these days and come back to your work with more energy. Don’t spoil yourself by staying at home be productive. Try to spend your time enough productively and at the end of vacations celebrate yours productively with your loved ones.

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