Dany Genius Tab Q4 Tablet Mobile Specification & Price in Pakistan

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    Technology is improving day by day and covering the world in its arms continuously and speedily. Scientists are constantly working on enhancement of the technology every time. Sometime it seems in form of cell phone, smart phone, laptops, 3D monitors and TV, iPod, Tablet and many more. But one thing to be noted is that, the working on technology especially for the means of communications are being improving too much. Touch sensitive Cell phones, tablets and Laptops are available in market and still more improvements are going to be made by the scientists in this field. There are many well known companies manufacturing the products and introducing there items in market and getting a worthy amount. Pakistan is a third world country; we are fighting the war against corruption, down economy. But there are large number of amount people who can afford the price and buying the products and enjoying its facilities and applications.

    • Here we are talking about the Device being manufactured by Dany, The brand having a very respectful name in the market and people having a trust on its products because of its reliability.
    • Dany Genius Q4 Tablet Mobile being introduced by the company in 2024. Let’s see its price and specifications given below.

    Dany Genius Tab

    Price in Karachi: 17,999

    Price in Lahore: 18,250

    CPU 1.6 GHz Quad Core
    GPU Arm Mali 400 MP
    RAM 1GB DDR 3
    SCREEN 7.85” IPS Display 10 Point Touch
    RESOLUTION 1024 x 768 with 160ppi
    CAMERA Front 2 Mega Pixel, Back 5 MP
    FLASH CAPACITY 8GB Built-in, up to 32GB Extendable
    BATTERY 5000 mAh Li-on Battery
    O/S 4.2 Jelly Bean
    HDMI 2160 HDMI Output
    ProximitySensor Yes
    SDCard Support Yes
    Bluetooth Yes
    Light Sensor Yes
    Compass Yes


    • Above mentioned specification and price are reliable according to the product listings, Having Android base operating system , have long lasted battery and Wi-Fi Connectivity making its more suitable for fun applications also. Having a large display touch screen with beautiful colour combinations, Front and back camera of higher megapixels with a huge amount of storage capacity makes its much attractive product in the market. Company also manufacturing different products and will be introduced periodically in the market.
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