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    From the last few years, many new companies have start providing testing services in Pakistan. So, this type of origination has also created jobs opportunities at a reasonable salary. Now, the registration for PTS invigilator jobs 2024 will open through an online portal that is formally launched by the officials. So, now desired applicants can easily apply through this platform. Meanwhile, they also get proper feedback as any seat will free for this position. Furthermore, it’s not fixed that in which city these seats will offer because they need invigilators in those districts where their partner gives them responsibilities of testing. Hopefully, they will also pay travel and living expenses to those who will permanently select for this position.

    PTS Invigilator Jobs 2024:

    Right now, any formal notice for the PTS invigilator jobs 2024 has not on board. But, the registration is still open in their online portal. So, fill this form completely and apply for it.

    • Online Registration will begin in few days.

    By observing the above registration form, the selection of the city is compulsory to fill, whose purpose is to look for the applicant in related cities. Meanwhile, both male and female will apply for it. So, if you are free and looking for some healthy activity then not miss this chance of this job and apply it that on free of any position the official will call you for joining.

    PTS Invigilator Jobs Salary:

    The PTS Invigilator Jobs salary is depending on your allocation. If one will hire permanently, then surely he will get paid from 30,000 to 40,000 rupees. While, on project bases, they are also paid a salary to some employees that vary from project to project.

    • Eligibility:

    Any specific type of education is not necessary for this job. A simple graduate is eligible for this job. Probably, their only demand is the strictness and loyalty.

    the position

    By seeing the partners of PTS, one thing is sure that they won the trust of many well-known institutes. Surely, they satisfied them with the quality of testing services. Hopefully, in the future, PTS invigilator jobs 2024 will increase more. Definitely, after this number of job opportunities will also improve that is overall good for the community.

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