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Punishments for Cyber Crimes as Crime Bill Law 2014 in Pakistan

Posted by hasnain sial
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    Government of Pakistan has started a new bill related to the E- crime. It was told by the federal minister of information and technology. She said that government of Pakistan has decided to make a law against the E- crime and it will put in from of cabinet in next coming cabinet meeting. She also said if cabinet prove this bill then it will become law of the Pakistan and any person who will not follow this law will be penalized.

    The person who will found guilty against integrity and availability of the data and systems will be penalized with imprisonment of prison or will be charged a fine of rupees 2000000.

    There is another act of this law which states that any people who miss use the devices will be also  be penalized with imprisonment of prison or will be charged a fine of rupees 5000000.

    crime bill

    Now some people thinks that cyber crime is not a big crime but under this act or bill. This crime will consider a big crime just as other crime like murder etc.

    Cyber crime is a big crime because people are used to hack the computers of other countries and take the secrets of defense, financial and other secrets of that country. So that’s why many countries are making laws against this big crime.

    Punishment in Pakistan:

    Just follow the other countries Pakistan has also made law against this crime and define punishment that will do this type of crimes. The person that will do this will be imprison or wil fine of rupees 2000000 to onward. So it’s big initiative taken by the federal government of Pakistan and the ministry of information and   technology who really worked hard to make this cyber crime E- bill.

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