Who Is Dr Tanveer Zamani? Is Tanveer Zamani Married to Asif Zardari Wife

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    It has been in the news that the alleged wife of Asif Zardari, who is she basically now secret is Un hide of this former Indian citizen. There have been several rumors that Pakistan’s former president Zardari has this alleged wife Begum Doctor Tanvir Zamani. This news has now come into light she being Indian citizen applied for getting Pakistani nationality. Media has too gathered documents that can well support this statement. Here we try to reveal a true story that Who is Dr Tanveer Zamani? And if you want to know this answer that is Tanveer Zamani got married to Asif Zardari, as well whether she is his wife then read the below details:

    Do They Have A Child?

    Many of us believed that former President Asif Ali Zardari has been married to Tanvir Zamani. His alleged wife has all the time avoided this rumor. She is much reluctant to say anything about this news; she does not want to disclose the name of her husband. It has been too claimed by some of the journalists that Zardari and Zamani have a child named Sajawal. It has been in a recent TV interview that she skipped this question regarding Sajawal, she said that all kids of Pakistan are her sons too!

    Zardari relation

    Are They Married?

    If you have this question that is Tanveer Zamani got married to Asif Zardari then yes it has been rumoured by some of the sources that they are married. She is his wife! It has been according to details that her birth certificate has been clearly showing that this birth certificate was issued in Hyderabad, India, name of the clinic and also the doctor also give us this hint that she has Indian origin. Now you know Who is Dr Tanveer Zamani? Media sources have also come across with this identity card according to which she is an Indian citizen. Hyderabad, India has too mentioned the birthplace on her Pakistani ID card. All the documents have been showing that she was born in India. According to a new rumor it is heard that Javaid Tehseen Saddique is her husband. He is a doctor and he is currently practicing in Chicago.

    Sooner we will have in hand the confirmed news about their marriage, we will let you know!

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