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How To Remove Blackheads From Nose

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    Blackheads are considered to be unsightly black spots that normally appear when pores become clogged with the oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. Now the question is that how to remove blackheads from nose? Almost every woman especially young girls face the problem of blackheads. Women and girls apply different beauty cosmetics for removing the blackheads. There are many home remedies are available for removing the blackheads. Now we would like to discuss simple and east beauty tips for removing the blackheads from nose. The simple tips are as follows:

    How To Remove Blackheads From Nose

    1.      Green Tea:

    The most important tip for removing the blackheads from nose is that woman should use green tea. In order to apply this tip, woman should brew the cup of green tea and then save the used teabag. Afterwards, woman should cut it and then massage the tea into her nose. In this way, tea which is rich in different antioxidants will greatly exfoliate the human skin.

    2.      Tea Tree Oil:

    The second important tip for removing the blackheads is the use of tea tree oil. Woman should dab tea tree oil into the blackheads on her nose. According to research that tea tree oil will greatly reduce the swelling and inflammation along wide fewer side effects like itching and dryness.

    3.      Tomato Lemon Mask:

    Another important tip for reducing the blackheads on nose is the tomato lemon mask. In order to make this mask, woman should add a teaspoon of lemon juice and oatmeal for making the mask. Afterwards, she should smooth the mask over her clean face and should give special attention to her nose. Leave the mask on the face for at least 20 minutes and then rinse with the warm water.

    4.      Egg Whites:

    Women should use egg whites for removing the blackheads from nose. Every woman should know that egg whites are very helpful for dry oily patches and removing the blackheads. For using egg whites, woman should put an egg into the bowl and then stir with the corn flour. Afterwards, she should put the paste on her blackheads. For the period of 30 minutes, she should leave the egg white paste on her blackheads.

    So these are simple and easy tips for removing the blackheads from nose. If woman face this problem she should apply these simple tips for removing her blackheads and she will look more beautiful and gorgeous because her skin will be glowing.

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