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Cute Nail Art Designs

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    It is a fact that women are completely conscious for keeping their body shape perfect and skin fresh and glowing but on the other hand there is another thing that attains an eminent place in their world and that are the nails. In 21st century style statement the concept of decorating the nails is strongly harvesting its roots. It is increasingly becoming the trend to maintain the hand nails with colorful art designs. Moreover, this concept can even be continued in a form of nail paint that is readily accessible along with different design booklets. Whether it is the religious occasion or wedding season women and girls never forget to embellish their nails with eye catching and stunning designs on their nails. In this article we are highlighting some of the notable and distinguished nail designs that are prominently known among the women and girls.

    1. Nail Stickers are one of the easiest ways of decorating the nails. Most of the girls who are not well aware from the nail paint patterns they can certainly get the nail stickers that are on handed available in the market. The stickers get pasted on the nails for longer time period. The most important designs in nail stickers includes snowflakes, floral designs, flowers, falling leaves, stars and abstract designs.
    2. Hand pained designs are the most known ones as they can only be done with the help of art trainer. In addition, special arts expert girls can also beautify their nails by applying their own designing skills on their nails that can additionally made shimmering by adding glitters and shiny material.
    3. Airbrush nail art design is another most fascinating texture work on the nails. This designing usually takes place through the spray machines that help the design to be printed on the nails. It can also be applied with the combination of different colors.
    4. Last and the most interesting method of nail art is the texture design. Such designs also involves the placement of some nail expert that further makes the nails dazzling by making the blend of two different unique color combinations and then giving the touch of some flower or abstract shape on the nails.

    At the end it is revealed that all such designs are seems to be appearing eye catching in itself so if any of the girl is interested in making her hand nails look striking then she should definitely try any of these design and we are sure that you would surely say AWESOME…..

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