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Rose Beauty Parlour Price List 2024

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    The increase in the price of cosmetic products will definitely affect the Rose Beauty Parlour price list 2024 after which their bridal and party makeup charges will rise a bit in every branch including Tariq road, Nazimabad, or in Zamzama. This is an evergreen place for providing makeup and beauty services. They have a professional attitude to caring for your every beauty need. This parlor has a lovely salon with the latest equipment and designed special tools for beautiful people. This salon is also provided the best consultation which takes the best advice and people can be discussed problems related to their beauty.

    Rose Beauty Parlour Price List 2024

    The underneath chart of Rose Beauty Parlour price list 2024 is clearing the charges of every service that is being conveyed to their clients. They are very careful in their work and always tried to serve maximum for clients.

    Note: Every of these charges may change at any time by the parlour and they are approximate.


    Being one of the best and top quality beauty parlors they offered a wide range of services including facials, hair cutting& styling, nail cutting, skin treatment, hair coloring, and straightening. This Parlour also provides the facilities of rebounding, hair removal with wax, threading, and the complete range of streaking.

    • They are even dealing with every of Mehndi and make up, and excellent professional bridal photography. This beauty parlor has enhanced your glamour with our specialized and dashing eye makeup.

    Rose Beauty Parlour Bridal Makeup Charges 2024:

    Of course, the Rose Beauty Parlour Bridal makeup charges 2024 are fair enough, which is also in the purchasing power of middle class women or families too.

    Bridal Makeup

    Service Charges
    Bridal Special Makeover 22,000 Rupees
    Walima Special Makeover 19,000(Regular) and 22,000(Special)
    Nikah Makeup 15,000
    Engagement Glamour 13,000
    Engagement 11,000
    Maayo+ Mehndi Makeup 10,000

    An handsome 20% discount for those who has their Gold Card. So, try to get it quickly.

    They also have few premium bridal makeup packages whose amounts are:

    • Special Bridal Makeup By Ramsha or Satwat Ehsan: 35,000 Rupees
    • Special Makeup for Bridal By Tasneem Nafees: Same, 35,000 Rupees

    Their entire staff is professional with good reputations. That’s the reason that now Rose beauty Parlor has offered special beautician courses in the files of every major beauty tips.

    Rose Beauty Parlour Party Makeup Price List 2024:

    A wide range of Rose Beauty Parlour Party Makeup price list is really attractive. These are also not too expensive of a high range.

    Party Makeup

    Service Charges
    Party Model Makeover 8000
    Model Makeover 7000
    Another Speical Makeup for Part is in 6000

    Mehndi Price:

    Yes, the Rose Beauty Parlour price list 2024 for the services of Mehndi is also depending on a different variation that is clear from the charges chart.


    Service Charges (In Rupees)
    Heena Per Side 500
    Heena Feets 1500 to 2000
    Stones & Glitter Filing 2000 to 3000
    Engagement 5000 to 7000
    Bridal Mehndi 6000 to 15000

    Rose Beauty Parlour Hair Cutting Charges

    Females can change hairstyles at Rose Beauty Parlour as well they have issued the latest charges for hair cutting online for user facilitation who are finding.

    Cutting Charges

    Service Charges
    Shampoo+ Conditioning+ Dryer 1500 to 2500
    Keratin Wash 1500 to 2500
    Baby Cut 1500 to 2000
    Split Ends 2000 to 3000
    Cutting 2500 to 3000

    Hairstyle Charges:

    Sometimes females feel awkward when they use one hairstyle for a long time. They always suggest different hairstyles for girls, women, and old female. In addition, the new hairstyle charges of Rose Beauty Parlour are just decent.


    Service Charges
    Blowdry 2000 to 3000
    Hair Styles 2000 to 3500
    Ironing 2500 to 3000
    Tongs 2500 to 3000

    Hair Treatment Services

    If your hair affects badly by hair fall then must do treatment from Rose Beauty Parlour. That female who is interested in hair treatment now can see charges.

    Hair Treatment

    Service Charges
    Hydra Therapy 2000
    Oil Massage with Mask 2800
    Protein Treatment 3500
    Hair Glossing 3500
    Pro Karatin Treatment 4500
    Bond Treatment 6000
    Hair Botox 8000

    Hair Extensions Services

    On different occasions or functions, she prefers hair extensions, especially for those who have short hair. Many beauty parlous hair extensions are at a high rate but the right Rose Beauty Parlour only that are giving quality hair extensions at a cheap price.

    Hair Extensions

    Service Charges
    Colour Extensions 2000 to 3000
    Stones Extension 2000 to 3000
    From Extensions 8000 to 25000

    Rose Beauty Parlour Skin Treatment:

    • The last chart is about the Rose Beauty Parlour Skin Treatment and through them, one will protect or treat damaged skin too.
    Skin Treatment
    Instant Cleansing 1800
    Anti Acne Cleansing 2000
    Face Polish + Facial 2500
    Sensitive Facial 3000
    Whitening Facial 3500
    Acne Whitening Facial 3500
    Herbal Bleach 800
    Sandal Bleach 1000
    Feet Bleach 1000
    Whitening Bleach 1000
    Arms Bleach 1000
    Detox Whitening 1500
    Body Bleach 5000
    Threading + Wax Services
    Eye Brows 150 to 200
    Upper + Lower Lips 100  to 150
    Chin 300 to 400
    Cheeks 400 to 500
    Forehead 300 to 400
    Nose Wax 300
    Side Wax 500
    Jaw Line Wax 500
    Face Wax 1500
    Neck Wax 1000

    Note: 20% Discount For Gold Card Members

    Hopefully, this entire Rose Beauty Parlour price list 2024 will assist with everything about the makeup charges. And, also you will like this content and all the info.

    beauty parlour


    This beauty parlor has its chain spread all over the cities of Karachi including their contact number

    • Nazimabad:
    • North Nazimabad
    • Gulshan-e-Iqbal
    • Zamzama
    • Tariq Road

    Note: The Rose Beauty Parlour phone number and addresses are also in the below chart. Just their branch of Gulshan-e-Iqbal is now shifting to a new place A-573 and their numbers are also changed that are 34809011, 34809013. Further, try to book your appointment before u plan for a visit.

    the addresses the list of addresses

    This beauty salon is also being thought announced a beauty salon in other cities of Pakistan and other countries.

    Like this option, Wajid Khan Salon is also a place where u can get services of some good makeup.

    These all prices are in Pakistan rupees, these prices are fixed some variations had done on the bases of some offers. Because Rose Beauty Parlour Karachi sometime gives some cheap prices for their regular customers when they wear multiple types of makeup, as well as a few offers, have also come. Otherwise, the Rose Beauty Parlour price list 2024 is fixed, and with the addition of multiple works prices of every makeup will add.

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