Firdous Lawn Eid Collection 2016 Magazine With Price Facebook

This is season of new prints, different attractive styles are spreading every where. This time ladies get two chances for shopping, one is for summer and second is the one important occasion that is cause of excitement for every one. Now in 2016 Firdous lawn eid collection catalogue is disclose, you can now make the stylish and elegant dress on this festival. It is the myth that old is gold and this myth correctly applies on this oldest clothing hub, this hub came into view when we had three to four clothing brands in the market, with the continuous success, with this flawless name and fame, this hub has range of products now for all kinds of age categories of women. Here details of this recently launched collection and magazine with price facebook detailing.

Pricing Of This Collection:

Here in this launching you can get these modern dazzling looking dresses in the price range of Rs. 1530. Yes, there starting price will be from Rs 1500. It will be the most reasonable kind of line that has been revealed so far, with just little money, you can easily buy three dresses for all the three days!

Firdous dresses for eid

Styling Way Opted In This Launching:

Here in this exciting Eid collection, you will be catching up with the classical print designs, flowery prints, embellished designs; embroidery work will be the highlight in this collection line. Stripe, abstract, neo colored shades has been put up. Versatility can be seen, it is best to fuse these Firdous shirts with the pants, with the straight cut trousers. This hub has kept this collection line unique both in term of the styling and also in terms of the pricing. If you are opting the print dress then you can décor it with the lace work of your own. If you do not want to do this job then you can get the ready made lace dresses and embroidered dress too from here

More and more magazine with price facebook detailing will be given to you about this latest launched collection line. If you want to see that what variations, what kind of floral print designs, what styling variations have been put up by this hub then there is only a single way and that you can see all this by having a trip to its outlet. Hope so this time one must enjoying this trip and get best shopping experience with better stuff then last one.

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