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    This bank has now introduced this Home Loan scheme and all of you can take benefit from it. If you want to know about the Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan finance home loan calculator interest rate details and also what kinds of documents required for it then we will let you know! You can apply of this Standard Chartered Home Loan through online, visit the official site, you can also write that you want to apply for a loan. It is to be stated that the loan amount up to Rs. 10 crore and the minimum loan amount up to Rs. 5 lakhs can be availed. Processing fees will be from 0.5 % – 1.50%, co-applicant on the home loan can include your relatives (spouse, parents, or it can be children). If the loan will not be sanctioned then the processing fees minus Rs. 2,000 will be right away refunded to you and if your loan will be approved, your processing fees will not at all be refunded. If you have provided all the relevant documentation, then within 5 working days, you will get the result of your loan that whether it has been sanctioned or not.

    Undoubted this is one of the best bank to get these type of loan, because their process is easy to follow. Limit is quite high but this is their one of major requirement.


    What Kind Of Information Is Required?

    Information like city where property is proposed, purpose of loan, applicant details, income details, resident type, type of employment, contact details will be asked from you, if you will be able to come up with the valid documents and information about you then this home loan will be approved for you. So these are the main documents required for this loan.

    How To Calculate The Interest Rate:

    Enter the loan amount, then the site will be telling you the annual interest rate, term n months details and also monthly payment details, all these calculations will be done on the site.

    We will be providing you more with the Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan finance home loan calculator interest rate details so stay tuned with us. Now, you can have your own home, you will have your own shelter and this will all be possible because of the loan sanctioned and approved by this bank, This bank also offers all kinds of loans like Personal loans, car financing loans. you can visit the site of this bank and can easily apply from there. Take benefit from this Home Loan Scheme now.

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