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    The Gujjar is a tribal group, which is mainly resides in Pakistan as well Afghanistan and India. The descent of this cast is still a mystery. But it is believed that this cast was emerged during the 6th to 12th century in northern India in the era of Huna invasion. A history of Gujjar Caste in Pakistan is here in details while its translation in Urdu is also easy. At the time appearance, they were primarily categorized into Brahmin and Kshatriya, but later majority of them accepted Islam and became Muslim when they rule over the South Asia.  Now-a-days in India, they categorized under the Other Backward Classes. When they were come into view, they were known by ‘Gurjars a’. Thus, many places in central Asia were named after them to remember the migration of this cast.

    Many studies also claimed that the word ‘Gujjar’ is originated from the major profession that is followed by the tribe such as cattle-breeding. However this word is came from Gurjar which means ‘enemy destroyer’. In past, Tribal Research conducted a study under the custody of top scholar which states that the word Gujjar is originated from Central Asian Turkic which can be write in Romanized Turkish as Gӧϲer. Research also claims that the casts in Pakistan will remain known as the most vibrant identity of central Asia in Before Christ (BC) era. It is also among the ruling castes, they ruled over princely states in India for many years.


    In Pakistan, they are assumed to be a largest and populated tribe. They comprise more than 30% population of the Pakistan. Furthermore, they have given their unique name to several places. Majority of them are living in the urban areas of Pakistan while few members of this tribe also living in rural and urban areas of Baluchistan and Sindh. Masculine use the Chaudary prefix along with their name. In the rural areas of Pakistan they are considered as the ruling class.

    Most of them are associated with the farming and agriculture field. In additions, they are known for their honest, simple and loyal qualities. They are also known for their eating skills. They love to eat a lot and most of them have a very sound body. In Pakistan this is best summary of Gujjar caste, one can also translate it in Urdu for better understanding. No doubt they can play a role in betterment of this country.

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