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Ajwain Carom Seeds Health Benefits in Urdu for Weight Loss Side Effects

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    For the sake of knowledge, Ajwain is too called with the name of carom seeds. This has a large number of health benefits; it can give you best result in weight loss. If you will take it in an inappropriate amount then it can give you some side effects as well. So it’s mandatory that one take its appropriate amount to take best result from it, the below advantages are easy to understand in Urdu as well. If you really wants to get a relief from cold, if you have these cough issues then this can treat you. You should be consuming these special seeds because they are the best if you are an asthmatic patient. If one have an addiction of chemical compound then you should keep on chewing these seeds. These will for sure reduce the craving of this drink.

    • For the cleaning of your uterus, if you have an increased and massive production of milk and that too during the breastfeeding then these seeds can help you a lot.
    • If you have been encountering the issues of acidity then you should take a one table spoon of ajwain and also cumin seeds. You only have to mix them up and take them up on a daily basis.

    Benefits for Your Skin:

    • For the lightening of your acne marks, you should consume them. If you want to give a lighter touch to your scars then you should apply the powder on your marks. For this mix the powder with the yogurt.
    • To have a reduction in your premature graying, these can provide best result.

    Advantage in Weight Loss:

    You have to boil one liter of water and then make an addition of one teaspoon of ajwain seeds in it. As soon as the color of that liquid will start to change, you have to allow the liquid to be cooled down. Just sip this liquid on a daily basis and then your weight issues will be solved. Your digestion and metabolism problems will also be solved.


    Side Effects:

    • If you will be over consuming then it will lead to nausea.
    • If it’s not suit on you then it will cause vomit and you will have an allergy as well.
    • Mean while it will also cause of head pain and a skin irritation too.

     But overall it’s all depends on suitability; it has more benefits then its negative aspects. But it’s good that one must take info from an herbal specialist. He will must guide one in right way.

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