How to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally in Urdu? Stop Pregnancy Tips in First Month without Pills Abortion

If one get some stop pregnancy tips in first month without pills or abortion in Urdu then it’s not difficult to learn that how to avoid pregnancy naturally? As population growth ratio is going high it’s too much important to manage family through a proper plan. In future one face number of problem if don’t care of family planning. So it’s always too much important that one must do everything with a proper plan. If one has controlled family then in future it’s easy to manage limited family member. So initially must take care of some major things through which one can control family by avoid pregnancy as family is completed.

  • First natural tip to avoid pregnancy is that try to avoid intercourse after ten days of menses and before 3 days of menses. In this time duration there are greater chances of pregnancy because sperm produce more in these days.
  • After pregnancy must feed the baby to avoid quick pregnancy. When a baby starts feed then this process effects on grooming of sperms; so carry on baby feeding to stop pregnancy.
  • Spermicides also play a major role to avoid pregnancy.
  • If one needs to stop pregnancy permanently Vesctomy is best option after which pregnancy is permanently stopped.


Another option to stop pregnancy is through pills, initially according to number of opinions these pills has greater side effects. But now as medicine starts work on it this is a best way to stop pregnancy if one aware that this is first month.

Through pills stop pregnancy is best instead to go for abortion. But these pills are not effects when time of pregnancy goes greater than one month. Further two pictures are also updated that contain information in Urdu that how to avoid pregnancy naturally? Do best as you think but its too much important must think about the future of your family.

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