How To Use Mobicash , Time Pey, Easy Paisa Service

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    Here we will explain that how to use Mobicash, Time Pey, Easy Paisa Service. As every person knows that Easy Paisa is considered to be the most popular service that has been introduced by Telenor. Now, Easy Paisa have to face the competition with Mobilink and Zong. Because few months back, Mobilink introduces the service of Mobicash and Zong introduces the services of Time Pey. Now we would like to discuss the comparison of Mobicash, Time Pey and Easy Paisa service. The main features of Easy Paisa, Mobicash and Time Pey are as follows:

    How To Use Mobicash , Time Pey, Easy Paisa Service

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    Easy Paisa Features:

    The main and important features of Easy Paisa are as follows:

    • Mobile account.
    • Easy money transfer.
    • Convenient bill payment.
    • International home transfer.
    • Easy load.
    • Easy pay.
    • Khushal Saving Scheme.
    • Fori ticket.

    Mobicash Features:

    The main features of Mobicash are as follows:

    • Easy money transfer.
    • Bill payment.

    Time Pey Features:

    The main features of Time Pey service are as follows:

    • Easy money transfer.
    • Bill payment.
    • Quick easy load.
    • Salary distribution plan.

    Before using these services, it is important that person should know the transaction charges about the Easy Paisa, Mobicash and Time Pey. In the form of table, we are mentioning the transaction charges which are given below:

    Transaction Slab

    Easy Paisa


    Time Pey

    0-1000 60 60 60
    1001-2500 120 120 120
    2501-4000 180 180 170
    4000-6000 240 240 230
    6001-8000 300 300 290
    8001-10000 360 350 350
    10001-13000 420 400 400
    13001-15000 480 450 450

    After mentioning the features we come to the conclusion that Easy Paisa is more reliable and preferred service as compared to Time Pey and Mobicash because it offers maximum services and features. On the other hand, the transaction charges of Easy Paisa is higher as compared to other two services. In order to use these services, person should follow the simple method. Person should visit the franchise and if he wants to send payment or paying the bill then he has to show his cnic card and then submit the payment. The method of using these services is very simple. In short, we can say that Mobicash and Time Pey should work very hard in order to the huge popularity like Easy Paisa. So person can easily use any service such as Easy Paisa, Mobicash and Time Pey according to his convenience.

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