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How to Increase Height after 20 for Boys Naturally in Urdu

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    There are so many people in the world that are wanted to spend very happy and free from problems life but they don’t know how to do it because everyone live in practical life and dint any way to have spend ten free life. There are a lot of people especially boys suffering from small height and they want to become increase their height after 20 naturally because they really know high is very important part of any boy life and effects directly on their personality. Small height boy deeply thought about their height and does not pay attention on any work and mostly suffering from lake of confidence and faced very difficulties in their lives. Perfect height is represented perfect body shape and looks like fashion but in the modern age a lot of expertise said that height is problem depend on genetic growth but a lot of boys small height due to their lake of attentions on their health. There are many boys asked about the how to increased their height after 20 naturally because they thought weight and height does not maintain after 20 and really worried about such kind of problem.


     There is no need to worry about their height after 20 because to increased their height after 20 is difficult but don’t impossible in the advanced age because there is so many modern ways to increased their height that’s very helpful to increased their hormonal growth naturally. People pay high amount to increase their height and used a lot of medicine that directly effected on their health but don’t become useful for their height. There some useful methods hear is very helpful to increase height after 20 for boys and these methods are including

    • Manage their diet and sleep well.
    • Take vitamin A and D that’s very helpful to increase their height.
    • Take fresh fruits and vegetables.
    • Drink more and more pure water as you can in their daily life and avoid drinking water during meal.
    • Avoid using oily thing.
    • Take exercise daily that’s help to increase their height.
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