Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan 2023 Fronius, Homage, Crown, Tesla

Combination of summer heat and high electricity bill has engaged the citizens towards the solar system. And the whole mechanism of this structure, the Solar Inverter price in Pakistan 2023 of the Fronius Homage, Crown and Tesla is the key and expensive product. The while, operation of solar is relying on this device that is managing the input and output as well. A better solar inverter works better from the input side and vise versa for the output purpose too. In general sense, this is the heart of whole network that must be good for the precise performance.

Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan 2023:

Many of local solar inverter brands are also in the market but their working is not up to mark. Although, local Solar Inverter price in Pakistan 2023 is cheaper than the branded product but their working efficiency is also lower. So, pick a better one.

Fronius Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan 2023:

  • This is a high grade imported company/brand Solar Inverter that is rumored to be best. But few buyer compare the Fronius Solar Inverter price in Pakistan 2023 with the other but these contrast are not right to estimate the rate. Moreover, it’s your choice which anyone likes to purchase.

Their price list is:

Fronius Brand Capacity Price(This may varies from one dealer to another)
Fronius 6kw Inverter Price  182,000 Rupees
5.5kw Inverter Price  160,000 Rupees (Old)
4.2kw Inverter  143,000 Rupees
5kw Inverter N/A
3.6kw Inverter 74,000
Fronius 10kw Inverter Price 460,000 Rupees

After this, the demanded product:

Homage Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan 2023:

Because of local tag, the Homage Solar Inverter price in Pakistan 2023 is thought to be more economical.  Further, in the maintenance point of view, their points are about in every city. The table has:

Capacity Price(Approx.)
Homage Solar Inverter 1000 watt Price 49,000 Rupees
Homage 1800 watt solar inverter price 83,000 Rupees
Homage 3kw Solar Inverter Price N/A

Crown Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan:

Another semi international solar inverter that are also endorse by many of the dealers. The way Crown Solar Inverter price is stable and this is plus point at the time of purchase or buying. Review it:

Crown Solar Inverter Capacity Approx. Price
Crown Solar Inverter 3.2kw Price 56,000 Rupees
7.8kw Price 460,000 Rupees
Crown Solar Inverter 6kw Price 255,000 Rupees
5.2kw Price N/A
1.2kw Price 18,000
Crown Solar Inverter 5kw Price 79,000 (old)
Crown Solar Inverter 10kw Price 508,000 Rupees

An addition of this content is the:

Tesla Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan:

This worldwide supplier is working in solar inverters from years, which make them expert of this line. But, Tesla solar inverter price is sometimes changing from one seller to another. An average chart is:

Tesla Brand Capacity Price
Tesla Solar Inverter 5kw price 245,000 Rupees (This is infinity version)
Tesla Solar Inverter 10kw price 349,000 Rupees
Tesla 3kw price 121,000 Rupees
Tesla 2kw price N/A

latest of them

Whole elaboration of the Fronius or even of other Solar Inverter price in Pakistan 2023 from Homage, Crown and Tesla is for the idea before visiting the market. But, again these will change from one shopper to another. Sometime, few have previous stock and they offer lesser amount from those who pay high duties of the fresh import. So, plz don’t quote or think them the most accurate.

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