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How to Lose Weight in Ramadan Fast Tips in Urdu Diet Plan

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    If you want to know how to lose weight in Ramadan fast then we will be giving you the effective tips. We know that people have make this myth that fasting makes them weaker but this is not at all infact if they will eat much in the Iftaari time, then they will gain more and more weight. If you want to stay slim in this Ramdan 2015 month then we will be telling you the tips, read these tips in urdu diet plan and get a balanced weight in this fasting month:

    You Does Not Have To Skip Sehri:

    If you will be skipping the sehri then you will feel hungrier in the Iftaari time, this will lead to the putting on weight. You have to take that kind of sehri which is limited in salt so that you might not feel thirsty the next day. You should be taking complex carbs like whole grain bread, cheese or eggs, it will give you a stable level of glucose. So, make sure that you do your sehri on each and every Ramadan day.

    Avoid Taking Processed Sugar:

    You weight gain in Ramadan because you consume much beverages and sweets. You have to make sure that in this Ramadan 2015, you eat naturally occurring sugar fruits, dried fruits and also molasses and honey. This is how to lose weight in Ramadan fast!


    Take A Lighter Iftaari:

    You have to break your fast with dates, you can have the small portion of soup, avoid having cream based soups. It is best to take the light kind of Iftaari and then have your dinner, if you will be taking heavy Iftaari, then you will be gaining weight!

    Drink Fluids

    You should be drinking enough fluids; you should be taking two glasses at iftar, take four glasses in between iftar and sehri and two glasses at the suhur time. Do not take the caffeinated drinks like coffee or black tea. You can take the herbal teas; they will be the best alternative to water and can also aid your digestion.

    If you want to have more tips in urdu diet plan then you can get it from here! Now, for this Ramadan, you have to make this mission of yours that you will be staying fit and active not only in these 30 days of Ramadan but also in the later times.

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