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Laser Teeth Whitening Cost in Pakistan Karachi Islamabad Lahore

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    A clean mouth is always consider important for a healthy person, but number of people suffers from teeth problem. The trend of laser whitening in Pakistan is increasing day by day. This is the justification that many of the dental clinics are being opening up that offers this special kind of treatment. Its approximate cost in Karachi Islamabad and Lahore is at this place for all those who can suffer from this mouth disease. Originally it is a process which is too given the name of power whitening. In this method, a rubber dam is right placed on your teeth so that your gums can be protected and then bleach is rubbed that made all things very clear. In this country, we have seen that dentists mostly make use of this professional bleaching method to make to look white and crystal clear. In this process, your gums are secured by placing gel or you can say rubber shield on them. Then a whitening product is usually applied.

    In this laser process, the main items which are usually used are hydrogen peroxide and too carbamide peroxide. This treatment has the duration of 4 weeks. Your single session treatment has the duration of 30 minutes.

    People have been carrying out this treatment because they also want to get pure white inner mouth. It is because of the multiple reasons like usage of coffee and red wine, the consumption of tea and cigarettes that you get yellow teeth day by day.


    If you want to carry out this process then you will be charged Rs 15000. It is the average cost; you should be keeping in mind that this treatment price varies from place to place and also region to region. This also includes the scaling of your inner mouth that enhance attraction.


    Side Effect:

    • There are some of the side effects of this laser teeth whitening treatment. Most of the people teeth become sensitive to hot and cold items.

    This is getting famous in this country with passage of time because of its fast generating result. Dentists are recommending this method because it is affordable by each one of us. It is an effective method and you should be trying it. No doubt this is worst kind of disease that can cause many other kind of worst things in your body. So try to keep them clean because it also effects on your personality to.

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