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Piles Treatment at Home in Urdu Bawaseer Ka Ilaj Desi Gharelu

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    A Bawaseer is another name of the piles. This serious problem arises when blood vessels of rectum and anus got inflamed and swollen. There are two types of hemorrhoids, internal Badi Piles and external Bleeding hemorrhoid. By name we can easily recognize that the internal grow inside the rectum while the external one lies just under and around the skin of anus. So, internal one affects the rectum and the external affects the anus. Its treatment at home with Desi or Gharelu tips is also effective, Bawaseer Ka Ilaj with causes is cover in below. These instructions are not in Urdu but this all is easy to understand.

    Symptoms In this disease lumps are appear around the anus or blood clots, blood discharges while movement of bowl, as well as irritation or itching near the anal region.

    People having this problem should try to recover from this as soon as possible as it is found that if it is cured or unchecked will cause serious problems like strangulated piles, chronic blood loss, and tissue death or may even results in colorectal or anal cancer. Hence, in this article few methods are discussed that might help to recover from this disease.

    Piles Treatment at Home Bawaseer Ka Ilaj Desi Gharelu

    1. Ice:

    This is highly preferred of this disease while staying at home is the usage of Ice. Ice tighten the veins thus relieving the pain and swelling.

    How to Use? Put the wrapped ice pack on the area and take it at same place for some time. Repeat this procedure until there is no more hemorrhoid.

    1. Aloe Vera:

    This contains natural mineral that are very effective for reducing the itching and irritation of Bawaseer. This can be applied on both external and internal Piles.

    How to Use? Apply the gel of Aloe Vera over the affected area and then gently massage or cut the Aloe Vera into strips and let them freeze then place the icy cold strips over the painful portion to lessen the itching, burning and pain sensation.


    1. Lemon Extract

    Like Aloe Vera, lemon juice has nutrients that lessen the pain by providing strengthening to blood vessels walls and capillaries.

    How to Use? Put some cotton into the fresh lemon juice and then place it over the hemorrhoid. At first you might feel burning or tingling sensation then eventually you will get relief from the pain. Here is another method, put a lemon extract into warm milk and drink it. Take this mixture at least thrice times in a day.

    1. Olive Oil:

    Basically this contains the properties that are very effective for external hemorrhoid.

    How to Use? Take one teaspoon of olive oil on regular basis. It makes the excretory system to work better.

    1. Grains:

    People suffering from Bawaseer should increase the consumption of whole grains in their regular diet. As these contain high amount of fiber which is very good for Piles patients. This treatment is not in Urdu but this all is ready effective to use.

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