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PP 217 by Election Result 2024 Zain Qureshi PTI Vs Sheikh Salman Naeem PMLN

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    Its an task for election commission that that they compile the PP 217 by election result 2024 correctly from where Zain Qureshi PTI Vs Sheikh Salman Naeem PMLN are tough competitors.  This by election is conduct when PTI decides to submit resign of their all national assembly members. Although speaker of national assembly never accept these resign due to absence of member in front of speaker. But Zain Qureshi who is son of also vise president of PTI has decided to not left the ground alone. This is the reason that PP 217 by Election get  much importance and whole country is anxious that will the winner. Both of parties are really confident and claim that they are stronger then other.

    PP 217 by Election Result 2024:

    In this election, one solid candidate is Zain Hussain Qureshi  from PTI and his opponent Sheikh Salman Naeem from PMLN has also capability to give him tough time. Both are contesting from very strong parties and PPPP is in favor of PMLN candidate. So, PP 217 by Election Result 2024 will probably the closest one.

    • On the other side it’s a big task for ECP that in which way they conduct this election because a huge turn is expected and it’s also a major task for them to check fair election.

    Zain Qureshi PTI Vs Sheikh Salman Naeem PMLN PP 217 Election Result 2024:

    After differentiating the height of candidates that contest in this election. Everyone is knowing the politics of Shah Mehmood Qureshi, he is one of big name in Pakistani politics. There is no doubt about his son political background, one can put a question about his performance but no one ask anything about his intelligence.

    Meanwhile, according to ground reality, Sheikh Salman Naeem is is the only politician from his family. He was attached to PTI in past but when he saw that this party is not give him value then he announce to participate in PMLN. This is his second election for provisional assembly and he try his level best to prove that he is a true worker.

    Now whole multan is waiting for Zain Qureshi PTI Vs Sheikh Salman Naeem PMLN PP 217 Election Result 2024 because now this election is consider as biggest one of Pakistan.

    Zain Qureshi PP 217 by Election Vote 2024 Result Vs Sheikh Salman Naeem PP 217 by Election Vote 2024 Result
    Kindly Wait Plz Wait
      • Note: Plz, take care of respect in this time.

    probably an close one


    An true opinion of PP 217 by Election Result 2024 Winner Candidate is that Zain Qureshi may win this election because he has lot of advantages but ground reality said that now at right now his position is quite weak and Sheikh Salman Naeem is in winning position. But no doubt Qureshi Sab is a strong name and must give tough time to anyone.

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