Tab Chloroquine Price in Pakistan: Is Chloroquine Effective Against Coronavirus? or Anti Malarial Medicine

Across the world, every day many medicines are making against different diseases. According to scientists, the Chloroquine tab is very effective for malaria patients. But now few cases are observed that this tab also works against the coronavirus effective person. Yes, both of these viruses attack very badly on the human body.  Treatment against coronavirus is started on the emergency level, because of this disease humans can be lost their life and most doctors recommend antibacterial medicine at an early stage. Chloroquine phosphate provides protection to the human body, on the other hand, every Pakistan buys this medicine from china on a large scale. The basic maker of this medicine is Bayer who is working in China.

Tab Chloroquine Price in Pakistan:

Many companies are making this drug with the same formula and they are offered at different prices. Some companies are giving at a cheap rate and some companies are selling at a high rate. But the Irza Pharma (Pvt) Ltd price of this medicine is below.

Chloroquine Phosphate Tab
Price 360 Rupees


Some people use this tablet without a doctor’s prescription. But, doctors stop strictly to the people. Chloroquine phosphate is available in the market with different doses. If people use this drug without any dose then those people can face some side effect from its.

Is Chloroquine Effective Against Coronavirus?

Yes, Chloroquine is effective against Coronavirus up to some extent. But it has not complete control of this virus that is quickly spread in the world.

Anti Malarial Medicine:

Surely, Tab Chloroquine is the best Anti Malarial Medicine for a long time. Now, this medicine is using new disease and it also shows results too.

Furthermore, where patients get benefits from this medicine but there are few side effects of this medicine too. We will all discuss side effects in the below content.

the new tablets for this problem

Chloroquine Side Effects:

Women cannot use this tablet under pregnancy because this medicine can leave some bad effects on children. Mostly doctors recommended alternative medicine.

This antibiotic is not good for those women who feeding to the children because when women will use these tablets then antibiotics germ can transfer in children through mother milk. So, medical experts recommend some other alternative medicine to the women who can use it during malaria.

Caution is necessary for those people who are enrolled in the disease of the hearing problem because without caution this drug increase hearing problem. At the time of checkup, this is necessarily told to the doctor about the hearing issues. Right now, the good things about Tab Chloroquine Price in Pakistan that yet it’s not increased and easily obtainable from various stores.

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