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    All visitors who planned to join and want to become healthy are searching Shapes Gym Karachi contact phone number and on facebook, fees rates or charges. All details about the membership fee and individual fee of Shapes Gym & Health club Karachi Cant for men and women is available here. All those that want to be a builder also must know Shapes Gym. This place is not only for builders all the person that wants to make him fit must know about the name of Shapes Gym. This place is fully equipped with the latest exercise machines while trainers are also present for guidance.

    This gym is fundamentally divide into few parts one is only fitness center and another part is for professional’s bodybuilding. In the fitness part, all those come that just want to get rid of belly fat.

    They just want to make themselves fit, for them those machines are available that burn fat quickly. Meanwhile, instructors are also available who guide them that which exercise is best for health and fitness.

    Shapes Gym Karachi Contact Number:

    Yes, the Shapes Gym Karachi Contact Number is simple that is 021111742737. Furthermore, another phone number is 021-35655971-73, but it’s not verified that this is their formal number of not. We collect it online.

    Registration 25,000 Rupees

    Shapes Gym Karachi Fees:

    To gather most up to date Shapes Gym Karachi fees, the only option is to call at their phone or contact number that is also in the above portion of text.

    Option Monthly Fee
    Gym 11,000 Rupees
    Gym + Pool 23,000
    Pool 15,500
    Squash 11,000
    Gym + Squash 18,500
    Pool + Squash 22,500

    Shapes Gym Karachi Charges:

    According to services, the Shapes Gym Karachi Charges are varied. But now they informed about their major service that is for daily and monthly visitors.

    Option Per Day Charges
    Executive Gym 2,000 Rupees
    Regular Gym 1,500
    Pool 2,000
    Squash 1,500
    Badminton 1,500

    Note: These charges may be changed, so call them to check current rates.

    Shapes Gym Karachi

    A second major part of shapes gym is only for bodybuilding. In this part, the latest machines are available with professional builders. They guide one in an easy way and complete a work in one month that will require three months. At every step and for every part of the body they are available to guide one. Another important thing about this gym is the best atmosphere.

    Everything is arranged in quite manners and one can do exercise in a fresh atmosphere. Supports persons are also available in case of any emergency. While now a medical team is also available at the spot that always ready for serving. Due to these whole things the Shapes Gym is the very first choice of every person. Currently, their social media page of this specific city is not working, so collect all info by calling. Moreover, for Charges or fees one can get assistance from Shapes Gym Karachi Contact Number that is the best source now.

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