Questions to Ask at a Job Interview for Engineers in Pakistan

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    “Job” One of the most using words being used by almost each and every young person. The circumstances of jobs are not very well in Pakistan and it’s due to the many severe reasons. The unemployment ratio is increasing day by day in Pakistan; it’s directly proportional to the economy of the country, as industry is not so much in Pakistan. Here we are talking about the technical field “Engineering”. The technical industry in not so much huge in Pakistan as compared to the bulk amount of engineers provided by the universities, that’s why there is a very cruel situation of  job for engineers in the market. Here we are dealing with the questions being mostly asked by the interviewer from engineer. How can he answer them? And how can he tackle the pressure of the interview. There are of sure some technical questions asked by the interviewer from student and he/she need to ask them properly and intelligently.

    Here are some main questions being asked by the interview after the introduction of the engineer.

    • What experience do you have in this field?Questions to Ask at a Job Interview
    • What do you know about this organization?
    • What have you done to improve your knowledge in the last year?
    • Are you a team player?
    • Are you willing to work overtime? Nights? Weekends?
    • Describe your management style?
    • What were you major technical courses?
    • How you can support organization by your technical knowledge?
    • Do you have any research experience?
    • What sort of experience you have in previous company related to your field?
    • Do you have any experience at project escalation?
    • Do you have any command on making project proposals?
    • How can you deal in a critical situation?
    • Tell me about some leadership roles?
    • Can you move easily on far city sites?
    • Can you work on software easily?
    • How is your electrical/Mechanical/Civil designing skills?

    These above are few of the questions being asked by the student. Keep one thing is mind while answering the questions that to be honest, straight forward, and be very confident while answering. Over confident and lack of confidence will be bad so, be very simple and calm while answering. These few questions will help you surely for any technical or even some non-technical interviews. Best of Luck Engineers!

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