Mobilink New Pro Plans For Business Customers

In this article we will throw a brief light on Mobilink New Pro Plans for Business Customers. Well there is no uncertain doubt about the fact that Mobilink has never let down the hopes and expectations of their customers. Mobilink is so far marked to be first cellular network that was launched in Pakistan and yet it was even the first network that digs out its network system in small villages and regions as well. Now there is no such single state, district and region that have not been comprised with the Mobilink Network. It has always highlighted interesting and exciting services and packages that have even grabbed the attention of other network users as well.

Mobilink New Pro Plans For Business Customers

Mobilink New Pro Plans For Business Customers 001

This time Mobilink Pro Plans Package has been introduced for all sorts of business customers and for all such people who are in eth desirable wish to make unlimited calls at any minute and second. This service has been comprised with the accessibility of following main features:

  • Free minutes for All network
  • Free SMS for network
  • Free data volume for monthly usage
  • Free circle minutes








Pro 300

Rs. 300 plus tax

300 minutes to all networks

300 SMS to all networks

30 MB

300 Minutes to business users

Pro 600

Rs 600 plus tax

600 minutes to all networks

600 SMS to all networks

60 MB

600 minutes to business users

Pro 1200

Rs. 1200 plus tax

1200 minutes to all networks

1200 SMS to all networks

120 MB

1000 minutes to business users

Pro 1800

Rs. 1800 plus tax

1800 minutes to all networks

1800 SMS to all networks

180 MB

1000 minutes for business users

Pro Unlimited

Rs. 3,000 plus tax

3000 minutes to all networks

3000 SMS to all networks

300 MB

1000 minutes for business circles

 Well at the end we would like to mention one thing in view of the business circles that the business customers can just utilize the free minutes and SMS and MB within the business circle when they will open their Mobilink account with Mobilink. On the whole of this discussion we hope that all the Mobilink customers will enjoy this package for sure and just like all their Mobilink services this service will also lead them towards success and bright future as well.

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