History Of Ramadan And Why Muslims Fast

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    History Of Ramadan :The word Ramadan comes from Arabic word i-e Ramida which means scarcity or shortage of rations. Ramadan is considered to be the holy month for all Muslims in the whole world who have reached the stage of puberty and Ramadan is the fourth important pillar of Islam. Ramadan month falls in the ninth month of Islamic calendar. In other words, Ramadan month is the time of meditation, self reformation and people can easily purify their faith. In Ramadan month, fasting is compulsory for every Muslim except for those Muslims who are sick, pregnant women, those people who are travelling and elder. In simple words, it’s the best time for all Muslims to perform more and more prayers and give Zakat. Moreover, in this month Muslims also pay Zakat. Furthermore, in the last ten days of Ramadan month many Muslims prefer to go into seclusion and it is also known as Itikaf. According to Islam if any Muslim spend ten days in Itikaf is considered to be more rewarding as compared to thousand months of prayer and devotion. During the month of Ramadan, it is strictly advisable that all Muslims should follow Islamic rules and principles strictly.

    Why Muslims Fast?

    Now the question is that why Muslims fast in Ramadan month? Before explaining that why Muslims fast in Ramadan it is important that every Muslim should understand the meaning of fasting. Basically, fasting means refraining from different things before starting of dawn until the sunset. A Muslim fasting should sustain from these things such as food, drink, vomiting, masturbation etc. The main purpose of fasting in Ramadan month is not to just get hungry or thirsty but the purpose is that every Muslim should become pious. Moreover, Muslims should not adopt un-Islamic things during this month such as getting angry, bad language, back biting,  lying, cheating, anything that is Haram in Islam, engaging in Riba and many more other things. According to Prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H that “He who fasts Ramadan, due to Iman and hoping for reward (from Allah) then his past sins are forgiven.”[Al-Bukhari, Muslim]. Finally, we can say that every Holy Islamic month has its own importance and significance. But Ramadan month is considered to be most important month in Islam. In other words, it’s the month of sacrifice, purity, purify our faith etc. It is advisable that all Muslims should fast in Ramadan month in order to make their lives forgivable after death.


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    1. Ramdan is also to control ‘i’e to control ur heart’ to control ur eye’s ‘control our mind ‘etc.

    2. it is good lesson take it and remember this message forever’

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