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    In mens, wearing of stone is not new but they have different concepts about it. Few also wear as good luck and they have strong believe on them. Yes, Neelam is a famous stone whose types are set apart based on the belonging country. So, Neelam Stone price in Pakistan 2024 is too depends from where it generate and Kashmiri, Bangkok and Ceylon are most demanded. From color to shine, they are unique and experts or those who like it understand better about them.

    Original Neelam Stone Price in Pakistan 2024:

    Difference of artificial and original Neelam stone price in Pakistan 2024 shows their value. It’s also technique to judge their originality that’s why few sellers mix them. So, always prefer a trustworthy seller who has some good repute.

    Kashmiri Neelam Stone Price in Pakistan:

    The natural shade of this stone is blue and rare are in white color too. Further, the price of orginal Kashmiri Neelam stone goes high with a minor change of Carat. This is an expensive local stone but gain if it’s genuine. Those who sale or purchase it in some low prices must guaranteed that its of glass or original.

    Color of Kashmiri Neelam Stone Appro. Price Weight in Carat
    Blue with the a bit red reflection 32,000 Rupees 0.98
    Same as above shade 54,000 Rupees 1.16

    Bangkok Neelam Stone Price in Pakistan:

    It’s like the royal blue shade stone and is in slighter less cost. Because of this, one will buy a good weight of it. Being an imported stone so where to find it is a difficult job. Country from where it comes is Thialand.

    Color   Approx. Price Weight in Carat
    Royal Blue 4,650 Rupees 2.5
    Same 7,900 Rupees 4.3

    of good quality

    Ceylon Neelam Stone Price in Pakistan:

    More white touch is reflecting from the Ceylon Neelam Stone and the price of it is 6,800 Rupees of 1.3 Carat weight. The minor touch of blue makes this stone very beautiful which came from Sri Lanka.

    Color   Approx. Price Weight in Carat
    White with the Blue 14,000 Rupees 3.2
    White 11,000 Rupees 3.1

    Other kind of Neelam Stone called African exists in approx. 11,000 Rupees for one carat.  Furthermore, the uniqueness is cause of such Neelam Stone price in Pakistan 2024.  Those who feel its result are still happy but just conscious about the real one.

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