Shab e-Meraj Mubarak prayers, ibadat, dua 2024

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    Now night of Shab e-Meraj came close because it will come on 27th night of Rajab. From here you can find Shab e-Meraj Mubarak prayers, ibadat and dua 2024. This is one holly night for all Muslims due to this they all doing special arrangements regarding to prayers and ibadat. It has lot of importance for all mankind especially for Muslims so they all dua from ALLAH for betterment of individual, related persons as well as for whole nation. If one sees the history of Shab e-Meraj then on this night PROPHET (PBUH) was taken for Night Journey with Angel Gabriel from Mecca to Masjid Aqsa. Then from Masjid Aqsa they had taken journey towards MERAJ. There PROPHET (PBUH) meets with earlier Prophets PBUT and then they going to Paradise and the Hell. There they get information that how their followers going to Hell or Paradise. And it’s necessary that they doing work that is helpful for them for right path. Further its necessary to read the books about the Meraj of the Prophet PBUH. So must read out them and get deep information about this holly night.

    Shab e-Meraj Mubarak prayers, ibadat, dua 2024

    Shab e-Meraj Mubarak prayers, ibadat, dua 2024

    Shab e-Meraj Mubarak prayers, ibadat, dua 2024 is given there…

    Shab e-Meraj prayers, ibadat, dua :

    This night has lot of significances for all Muslims. It right time to pray from Allah because on this night a great reward is announced for the followers of Prophet PBUH according to their Dua. So this is best time for Prayers and ibadat. Here we try to discuss few prayers and ibadat so must read out this post and get useful information.

    1. First of all on this day must offer five prayers with jamat in whole day. Must doing Zikrullah in as maximum you can do.
    2. Try to make it possible that you will remain in Wuzu during whole night and day.
    3. All Muslim also try to offer Tahajjud or late night prayers. And try to offer maximum NAWAFAL in whole night.
    4. Try to fasting on next day so must take sehri.
    5. After offering Fajar prayer carry on the session of Zikar.

    Above are major ibadat that you easily perform on this night and next day. Never miss this chance of praying and must doing dua and pray from ALLAH on Shab e-Meraj because it come one time in a Islamic year.

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