Cheapest Cars For The Year 2014

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    Do you feel fun in driving the car at the speed of 200km? Well if yes then you must read this article because here we are mentioning the cheapest cars for year 2014. Today the rates of the cars have been so increasing that it is becoming troublesome for the person to purchase a car. In this article all the cars and their prices differ just on their designing and most importantly the lacking of the features that has rated them in the list of cheapest cars in the whole world. Let’s just don’t wait anymore time and give a quick look over the list cheapest cars so that you can better run to the market after reading this article.

    Cheapest Cars For The Year 2014

    Cheapest Cars For The Year


    First we have the Nissan Versa 2 that has been as number one cheap car in 2014. This car cost the amount of $11,990. This has been the form of truck that has been equipped with the accessibility of low acceleration but it is much soothe and comfortable in driving as well. But because of its acceleration it has to face the number position in the cheapest cars list.


    This has been the second cheapest car in 2014 with the cost of Rs 12,245. This car has been filled with maximum 500 air bags that are included in the car for protecting the driver. In addition, the car has been the perfect choice for the long way driving and often serves with the five years warranty stand as well.


    This is the third cheapest car in the year 2014. This car has been switched with the 70 HP engine that offers five speed transmission accessibility. It serves with the 48 months of warranty and has been loved to drive along with the partner. This car has the market price of $12,490.


    Well this car has been even included in the top ten cheapest cars of 2014 as well. This car offers the cost height of $13,200 with the provision availability of huge mileage fuel, air conditioner and windows or door lock facility.


    Next we the cheapest car that belongs to the world famous company Toyota named as Toyota Yaris L. the beginning price of this car has been $14,730. This car offers huge 70 Hp engine facility that makes this car as much exciting and thrilling in driving.

    • KIA SOUL:

    This has been the designed car of SUVs that has been founded to be much smooth and comfortable in driving. It original market price has been $14,400. It has all the features that is needed in any car adding with music system, lock facility and air bags for the drivers.

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