Umrah Packages with Air Ticket 2019 from Lahore Karachi Islamabad

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    It’s a dream of every Muslim that he or she performs Hajj or Umrah, but for this, it’s also necessary that one must bear its expenses. Hopefully, different travel agencies will declare Umrah Packages with Air Ticket 2019 from Lahore Karachi Islamabad in upcoming few days. They also give you option these offer without ticket too. These packages cover almost everything when one is going to perform this duty. According to facilitation and time period rates or prices are going up and down. As one desire to increase the stay time, expenses are going higher. Another factor that plays a role in the rates is standard of hotel and its distance from Holly Places. With this how many people are staying in a hotel. This is further integrated as

    1. Double Bed
    2. Triple Bed
    3. Four or Five Bed
    4. Sharing

    We start agencies whose information is also available online. Among them, some are working in Karachi, while few are in Lahore, while couples are dealing from Islamabad and Faisalabad.

    Umrah Packages with Air Ticket 2019

    • Will Declare Soon

    Note: Mostly packages are the same in every city. Only ticket price will differ with respect to the departure city. Further, the below-discussed packages are for last year. So to check variation contact on their number.

    Al-Saeed Group

    Their head office is in Karachi, but they deal from other two major cities of Pakistan. Their economy package is looking quite in range. Currently, their packages have not updated online, so contact on below number to collect current rates.

    • Phone Number: 0345-8260826
    • Other Contact Number: 0345-8290829

    Umrah Packages with Air Ticket 2019 Lahore:

    • Will public Soon

    Travel and Culture Tour Safaris and Hotels

    They are one who gives some special rates. But again their rates are also varying with respect to the night, hotels and many more things. Below is just review of last year rates, but to make sure and to know more contact on their number.

    • Five Star Packages on bases of one Person:
    Executive Gold Diamond Silver
    92,920 76,000 61,00.00 56,600
    • Four Star:
    Super Deluxe Deluxe Green Brown
    92,920 76,000 61,00.00 56,600
    • Mobile Number: 0323-2121490
    • Local Number: 021-35218097

    Umrah Packages with Air Ticket 2019 Karachi:

    • Will Public Soon

    Askari Travel

    This group claims that they are working under a trusted platform of Army Welfare. They are also offering different rates, so it’s important to make sure them on call. In their advertisement, they mention that these rates are for Ramadan, so this is available current status. Moro ever their number is mentioning below.

    • Economy Yellow Package:
    DBL Bed TRPL Bed Quad Sharing ( 5 to 7) Person
    56000 43500 37500 30500
    • Budget Package:
    DBL Bed TRPL Bed Quad Sharing ( 5 to 7) Person
    62000 48500 41500 35500
    • Economy plus Package:
    DBL Bed TRPL Bed Quad Sharing ( 5 to 7) Person
    85000 63500 53000 43500

    Mobile Number:

    • 0313-9981488
    • 0315-7555255

    Umrah Packages with Air Ticket 2019 Islamabad:

    • Will Come Soon

    Note 1: These all packages are without air ticket, the ticket rates are charging according to Airline Company. Because they are not announcing one time for the whole month so due to variations they are detected according to that day specific rate.

    Note 2: This all material is collected online; these rates may be some up or down that are given here. For this, it’s necessary that one make a call on these numbers. With this, these rates are taken from websites of these agencies, so if they have copyright issue they inbox, it must be deleted.

    for rates

    Important Note: Occasionally, different airline companies offer discounts on their tickets. So one needs to take care of this time to take benefit from it.

    Further one who is going to perform this duty must pray for the whole nation. Because in such circumstances our country needs prayer. Without any minor doubt, this is the best place on earth.

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