Honda Life Diva Vs Zest Spark 2018 Price in Pakistan

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    It is since a long time that the community of Pakistan has been a diehard fan of Japanese cars in their garages. They are true lovers of these kinds of small vehicles. Behind this there is a reason; one can enjoy all latest features within an affordable price range. A price comparison of Honda Life Diva Vs Zest Spark is here that are now come in Pakistan. Whenever any of these latest car models come on the market, it is this community being the first one that buys these ones. These days, we observe their increasing demand in this country. Both are almost of same shape cars equipped with latest technology specs.

    A little difference between them made them more special, and its all depends on buyer choice that which one more likes to buy.We have this Honda Life Diva as one of the latest trends in the car market; the people of this country love this car so far! It is as superclass looking with best fuel average due to the best ECO system.

    Due to this, its demand is quite a massive one. The local community is always looking for a vehicle that is more fuel efficient and this feature made this vehicle more special.


    You can have this car in the price range of 10 Lakh Rupees; you can have it in 11 and 12 Lakh depending on the import date and condition of this car.

    Honda Life Diva Vs Zest Spark 2018 Price in Pakistan

    Let review the specs of both of these vehicles.

    • Honda Life Diva Specifications:
    Overall Height 1655MM
    Overall Width 1475MM
    Overall Length 3395 MM
    Engine Power 52hp @ 6700 RPM
    Fuel Type Petrol
    Steering Type Rack & Pinion with Electronic Motor
    Mileage City 14 KM/LITER
    Mileage Highway 20 KM/LITER
    Fuel Tank Capacity 30L
    Seating Capacity 4 Persons
    Gearbox 4 speed
    Transmission Type Automatic
    Top Speed 140 km/H
    • Zest Spark Specifications:
    Engine Displacement 659
    Max Power 52HP @ 6700 RPM
    Max Torque 61 NM @ 3800 RPM
    Transmission Type Automatic
    Gear/Speed 3
    Mileage Kmpl 14 to 20
    Fuel Tank Capacity 35 L
    Brake Type ABS
    Length 3595mm
    Width 1475mm

    If we talk about the best security feature car then we do count the name of Zest Spark. It is designed and manufactured by Honda. This car comes with the latest security sensor system. This car encompasses keyless starting system as well it’s all doors also keyless than open with a fingerprint. One has not need to install any tracker system in it, because of worst law and order theft of a car in this country is one worst issue. And because of this latest sensor system this vehicle is the special one.

    • Comparison Chart of Fresh Import of latest possible Model:
    Honda Life Diva Price                            VS Zest Spark Price
    About 11 Lac About 10.5 Lac

    One can buy this vehicle at the price of 10.5 Lakh and 11 Lakh that again depends on its condition.


    Note: One important thing to distinguish is that both Honda Life Diva and Zest Spark 2018 are branded cars in Pakistan. So don’t mix things with each other with these imported vehicles, they are used one but not in this country. Its necessary to distinguish all things before the time when one is going to buy it.

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