Postal Code of Sialkot Cantt Sambrial Pasrur Daska

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    It’s interesting to know that every city of Pakistan has a unique Postal code. Basically, this is the identity of a city or area for purpose of sending mail from one place to another. Here we list down the Postal Code of Sialkot Cantt Sambrial Pasrur Daska. In order to minimize the chances of miss posting of your mail, everyone note down these codes. If one reviews the detail of this system then it starts from the USA in 1963. By seeing its advantages, other parts of worlds also start following this way. It’s really simple and easy to manage. But it’s necessary that one male sure that this code is 100% accurate or not. Because a minor mistake will create a big problem for you.

    Postal Code of Sialkot Cantt Sambrial Pasrur Daska

    Sialkot City 51040 and 51310
    Sialkot Cantt 51300
    Sambrial 51070
    Pasrur 51480
    Daska 51010 and 51510

    Following this list, have a look at the history of Sialkot Cantt Sambrial Pasrur Daska:

    Basically,  Sialkot Cantt is one of the oldest cantonments of Pakistan. This was established in 1852 by the British Indian Army. The place where this cantonment established selected by Sir Charles Napier.

    Sambrial is situated near the upper Chenab canal bank. About sixty villages and seventeen union councils situated in this Tehsil of Sialkot.

    Daska is another populated town comprised round about 501,000 people. This is one of the most popular Tehsil among the other four of District Sialkot. Hazrat Sayed Wali Shah also belongs to this town, which plays a vital role in spreading Islam.

    for the post of mail

    Beside this Pasrur is another city which is also situated in Districts Sialkot. Population wise this also a big city, but still peoples are waiting for a quality higher level educational institute and a quality government hospital.

    Primarily, Sialkot is an industrial city and considers the main hub of surgical, sports and leather goods. But its un fortune to know that with the passage of time, this industry is transferring to the lower level. And probably, the government policies are responsible for this downfall.

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