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    It’s a proven fact; that the foam quality plays a vital role in the comfortability of sleep. For this, Master Molty Foam price in Pakistan 2024 is one of the best choices to buy. For several years, they have maintained every mattress standard. Subsequently, with a passage of time, they tried successful tech experiments on their foam. That makes it possible, that now a wide range of foams variety is available under this brand. Although their mattress type is different in specs; but quality wise they are better than another one. So don’t worry, pick up any of them that you like more.

    The latest master molty foam price list 2024 in Pakistan has offered in different sizes. So, it’s your affordability that which will come in required range. Below check approx. mattresses rates.

    Master Molty Foam Price List 2024 in Pakistan:

    Based on this broad Master Molty Foam price list in Pakistan, buyer will find the top sold article. One will also get other than these options from their stores too.

    Size: (King 78*72) 5 Inch Foam Price 8 Inch Foam Price
    Basic 33,000 Rupees 54,500 Rupees
    Eco 30,000 49,000
    Firm 34,500 56,500
    Plus 50,000 (6 inch) 69,500
    Basic Ortho 42,000 68,500

    Among them, Molty Ortho is specially designed for the patients of backbone. You will get a better result from it.

    Spring Mattress:

    The special item in this table is the master molty foam cool gel mattress. These are best in the summer season because they feel cold in the hot weather.

    Type and Size: (King 78*72) 6 Inch Thick Price 8 Inch Thick Price
    CoolGel 7 Zone 50,500 Rupees 68,500 Rupees
    Spring 51,500 N/A
    Extra Firm 60,500 82,500

    Presently, these are highly demanded.

    Foam Mattress:

    These are the average prices mattress, but they are best items. So one will afford their price, then must try them. Any of them is best to use for years.

    Type and Size: (King 78*72) 6 Inch Price 8 Inch Price
    Ortho Memory 88,500 Rupees 108,500 Rupees
    Sleep Memory 82,000 98,500
    MoltySleep Exec 93,000 (8 inch) 116,000 (10 inch)
    Molty In Box 41,500 55,500

    If a buyer can afford, then this is a must purchase.

    Master Molty Foam Celeste Price in Pakistan:

    In comparison with others, these are highly priced. But, their comfort level is also Un matchable. Additionally, please refer to the next table.

    Celeste Category and (78*72) King Size Approx. 10 Inch Price
    Bravo Executive 71,500 Rupees
    Ultra Ortho 72,000 Rupees
    Bravo Plus 76,000 (11 Inch)
    Classique 71,000
    Eterna Firm 109,000 (11 Inch)
    Latex Luxe 182,500

    Very Imp Note: In discount promotion or Offer, it may for sale in comparatively less price too.

    the rates

    Oh, how extensive range has featured by this brand.

    Ortho Mattress:

    Those who have some back issue can relax on it. For sure, the experts has been done a great job on this product. While, the output of ortho mattress is also awesome.

    Ortho Category and Size: (King 78*72) 6 Inch Price (Approx.)
    8 Inch Thick Price(Approx.)
    Ortho 50,000 Rupees 69,000 Rupees
    Ortho CoolGel 67,000 92,000
    Ortho Extra Firm 60,500 83,000
    Ortho Duo (Three in one) 58,000 80,000

    This is the latest list of Master Molty foam price in Pakistan 2024. Furthermore, many of foam types have also obtainable from the stores. So, better is that one will visit these places for the complete idea. But, most probably, these are the best.

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