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Toyota Probox 2024 Price in Pakistan

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    This is a perfect vehicle for the big families because its interior is much wider than any other car of this category. The newly Toyota Probox 2024 price in Pakistan is tough to suppose at this moment, because it’s imported one. Ever since Toyota has been established it has won the hearts of millions of people by highlighting stunning cars and all the people just love their every newest vehicle. Yeas ago, this brand introduced its van vehicle in front of the whole world. It is a 5 doors motorcar and can easily accommodate maximum of 5 to 6 people in it. Whole body has been designed in an interesting manner that has surely attracted the attention of many people.

    The headlights of the van are covered with crystal material whereas the van runs on the mode of petrol. Toyota has categorized the van in two designs i.e 1300 cc and 1500 cc. Lets gave a brief look at the specification of Probox and its price in Pakistan.

    Specifications Of Toyota Probox:

    The car has been overflowing with exceptional and unique features. It is fully equipped with a manual handling system and automatic conversion as well. It has the capacity of 5 passengers and includes 5 doors as well. It runs on petrol along with a fast and speedy engine facility also.

    • It also offers the facility of modern locks in case of an emergency that can only be opened by the owner of car only.
    • The doors and interior structure of the car is fully metallic and furnished. Airbags and conditioners have also been filled in it.
    • Additionally, the DVD system has also been added for the passengers as well.

    Toyota Probox 2024 Price in Pakistan

    The actual price of the Toyota Probox in Pakistan is about 35 Lac to 40 Lac. Color wise, it has been even presented in wide varieties that include metallic, white, and dark blue mica.

    Approx. Price 35 to 40 Lac Rupees

    the new car

    • Note: This has not cost of 2024 model. Basically, this is the rate of fresh import Probox of about 2012, 2024 or 2014 model.

    One more is:

    After the brief discussion about the vehicle, it is concluded that the vehicle is undoubtedly the best introduced motorcar by Toyota company. So all who have still not get the Probox just don’t waste your time anymore because the Toyota Probox 2024 price in Pakistan is less and offered services are tremendous. Just purchase the car now of some recent year import and go on a long drive you will start loving it.

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    1. Sardar Hussain says:

      Really I love the beautiful shape of Probox , it is a family car and also very suitiable for our the rural areas of pakistan.

    2. Nasir says:

      I purchased GL toyota probox 1500 cc. Really it is a best car. I dirive it 1450 km on ac non stop & never feel.fatigue or noticed any trouble. I like its spacious cargo, shape, engine & salute its brakes system because on 170 due to emergency I used brake & the car was controlled in a secounds without any accidet

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