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    This crazy smartphone is likely to be in the pipeline for launch in 2019. Soon, the exact figure of Samsung Flexy R11 Price in Pakistan will reveal for the interested buyers. Nowadays mobile phones have become a compulsory part of our life because there are many usages of this magical thing can be seen. Different mobile companies offered to their customer’s verities of mobiles every year. And no doubt, Pakistani people are so addicted to have Samsung brand. So every year this company launch their new model with advance features. Recently Samsung Flexy r11 is ready for their crazy lover because each and every spec of this phone is amazing.

    Samsung Flexy R11 Price in Pakistan:

    • Yet, the Samsung Flexy R11 Price in Pakistan has not confirmed. Most expectedly, this will disclose in the next few days.

    There is the happiest thing which comes with the new year  2019 is Samsung Flexy r11. Right, now everyone is waiting for a stylish glassy look of this smartphone. Meanwhile, the DSLR camera is one of the most amazing expected specs of this phone.

    Major Specs of Samsung Flexy R11:

    • Surely, its 7-inch HD screen will display a best quality color resolution.
    • For selfie lovers, its has 25-Megapixel DSLR Front Camera.
    • Meanwhile, three 45-Megapixel DSLR Back Cameras is also its uniqueness.
    • The fingerprint scanner is also here in this phone.

    This smartphone comes with Mi 6 loaded with a combination of two 48 MP lens on the back that offers 4 axes OIS.

    Samsung Flexy R11 Launch Date in Pakistan:

    Yet, an official has not clear the Samsung Flexy R11 launch date in Pakistan. Probably, in Feb or March 2019 this will formally arrive in this country.

    the present rate

    The expected specs of this phone generate an approximation that Samsung Flexy R11 Price in Pakistan will range in between 75,000 to 90,000. But, yet these are just prediction that will clear in a few days.

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