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    With the more appealing outer look and advance inner feature of new model Toyota Fielder 2024 price in Pakistan has been there for its customers. One of the special car models for this new year is Toyota Fielder which has got too much demand among the people. An brief overview of its specifications is here for those who are ready to buy it. Recently the company has launched the Hybrid version of the same brand name. It has been exporting all over the world including this country. This model is giving a tough competition to all other vehicles because of it is equipped with the best specification and attractive price for the buyers.

    • Match with the specs, this is in range to buy. These things also increase its demand. Moreover, this is comparable with Price Of Toyota Prius. Overall, both of them are good options to buy in this year. From day one, Toyota cars are thought to use for the road of this country.

    According to structure, this is the suitable one, meanwhile, it also matches with the customer mind. This special edition in their collection must provide a new option to all users. Importantly before its launching, these type of cars are not available here in this country so this is the new arrival in best body shape.

    Toyota Fielder 2024 Price in Pakistan:

    • A clear variation of Toyota Fielder 2024 price in Pakistan shows that how its cost will fluctuate. But a very clear note is that here in this country its brand new automobile is very very difficult to find because its not locally assembled. So, the price  of its imported ones:

    1500cc( Of Some Latest Imported Model but its not of 2024 one)

    • 2WD: 48 to 76 Lac Rupees
    • 4WD: 52 Lac to 84 Lac Rupees


    2WD: Almost 46 to 73 Lac Rupees

    • Note: This all depends on condition and manufacturing year.


    This is a general overview of specs and price of this car. This is one of the best vehicles among all the Toyota model it is having very reasonable price for you to get it. Especially if you are having a family of 4 to five people it is the best for you. In its manufacturing, 5 people can easily seat it so there is not an issue for big families.

    Note: Plz, remember that these are imported automobiles, so don’t mix its latest model with the brand new vehicle.

    Specifications Chart:


    There are a number of colors available in this model, you can choose according to your choice. You can use it on the gas and petrol as well. There are countless facilities in it, due to these all reasons its demand is going up with the passing of time.

    Fresh import problem is attached to the number of Japanese cars due to lack of demand. And it will also affect the Toyota Fielder 2024 price in Pakistan. One can get it in latest shape and features and most probably, you will also find its one of the latest option from the open market as well.

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