Where Kamran Khan Join After Left BOL? Program on Dunya News TV

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    As we all know that Kamran Khan resigned from the GEO channel because he joined the BOL network. Now where he join after resigning left from BOL? his new program on Dunya News TV name timing date on air is try to cover. We also know about this fact that this BOL channel is the creation of Axact; it is this same company that has been charged of issuing thousands of fake degrees. Before the revealing of this issue, many of the senior journalists joined the BOL channel, we have the names of Kamran Khan, Waseem Badami and also Iftikhar Chaudhary. They joined this channel because it was in the news that this channel gave them double and tripple the amount of salaries. Here we will be talking specifically about Kamran Khan who joined the Bol channel as the director and after this scandal, it is in the news that they will again be joining the GEO channel. If you want to know about the Kamran Khan future prediction then read the below post:

    In Which Of The Channel He Will Be Making His Headway:

    As you can well hear from the sources that Kamran Khan will be again be joining the GEO channel. He used to do this show Kamran Khan Ke Saath on the Geo channel and then later on Shahzeb Khanzada replace him and then he tookover the show. Now, let us all see that whether he will again be doing this show on the Geo channel named by Kamran Khan Ke Saath or will it be some other show. Now if you have this question that where Kamran Khan rumored to join after resigning from BOL? Then we hope that you have gotten your answer!

    According to Latest Update he Joins Dunya Tv

    Program on Dunya News TV: Till Program Name is not Confirmed

    Kamran Khan

    Why Kamran Khan Left Geo Channel:

    We heard from the media sources that he lft the Geo channel because BOL channel was giving them the tripple the amount of salaries and also the Bol channel gave him the director post. But right after this issue and scandal of issuing fake degrees by the Axact, Kamran Khan has now given his resignation from the Bol channel and now hopefully, he will be making his headway to the GEO channel.

    Now you know that where Kamran Khan rumored to join after resigning from BOL? There is still lot more to come from the Kamran Khan future prediction so stay tuned and in touch with us. We will be letting you know that where rest of the journalists has gone after they left BOL.

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