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IVF Cost in Pakistan 2024 Karachi Islamabad Lahore Test Tube Baby Treatment

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    In most simple words it is actually the process to carry out this fertilization in a manual way. Currently one can get this treatment for new baby through test tube in hospitals of big cities has Karachi Islamabad and Lahore. But now, IVF cost in Pakistan 2024 is not the same in all hospitals. The whole procedure is carried out by combining and fusing an egg and also the sperm in some laboratory kind of dish. This joining is then shifting to the embryo. This technique has its other subforms as well; some of them are (GIFT) and also (ZIFT). In this country Pakistan, this method of IVF is widely opted by many of the couples. Few of those who fail to conceive in a natural way, try this  treatment.

    A Basic Idea of this Treatment:

    In the entire process, the sperm along with eggs are taken out from both of the human bodies. They are then crossed out from the human body in some controlled environment. Once the mixing procedure will complete, then it is right away placed inside the body of a human being.

    •   After some time, these embryos develop and come into the shape of a normal baby. You can also freeze the rest of the material so that you can make use of them for later use. You just have to tell your physician to freeze them so that you can avail them for future use.

    With regard to the IVF success rate, it wholly and totally depends on the age factor of the female partner. If the female has more age then there are fewer chances of success. If you will cross the age of 35 then the success rate is normally decreased.

    IVF Cost in Pakistan 2024:

    • The charges or IVF cost in Pakistan 2024 fall between 240, 000 (Two Lac and Forty thousand) to till the amount of 680, 000(Six Lac and 80 thousand) Rupees.  Further, now their are many hospital who quote their own cost or price. So, not sure that they have same charges. 

    Note: Every hospital and doctor charged their own rates. So, this cost is just for approximation.


    It depends on your chosen hospital and also doctors who are involved in this method. This is a little bit expensive. Most of the middle and too lower-middle-class couples cannot at all afford this IVF. But it’s obvious that children are the most precious gift, so everyone desired to has these gifts. It all depends on the hospital that what they offer in terms of  IVF cost in Pakistan 2024 because in this process the fee of doctor has mattered a lot.

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