Wateen Internet Packages 2021 Lahore Karachi

Finally for the specific areas of Lahore; Wateen Internet Packages 2021 are reachable for the net users. But still, Karachi users are waiting for the revised plan of this Telecom company. Wateen has always been marked to be one of the distinguished option that have always been witnessed in offering the internet packages with the low rates. Not just with respect to the internet rates but its calling charges are as low as ever expected. Every single time period Wateen has arrived with thrilling and much exciting internet packages for its customers and this time they have yet again inward in the market in order to grab the attention of millions of internet users. They merely offers the internet packages in three main categories i.e. Residential Broadband, (Small and Enterprise) Business internet bundles. These categories have been further classified on bases of bandwidth.

Wateen Internet Packages 2021:

  • The users can make the use of their favorite and reliable Wateen Internet Packages 2021 that matches with their needs and requirements. In this article, we will be granting our readers with all the facts and information about that.

the net offers

“Residential Internet Offers”

Before, checking the Tariff Residential Internet Package in Lahore, first of all, make sure that this company has provided services in your particular areas or not. Although previously, Wateen offers their internet network coverage in 25 major cities of Pakistan, now they limited their services.

Wateen Internet Packages 2021 Lahore:

The particular Wateen internet packages 2021 Lahore are yet  the very best one compared to the all other who are serving in the market now. Meanwhile, speed wise, they are the best.

  • Rates of Residential Internet Bundles:
4MB 2,099 2,449
10MB 2,399 2,599
16MB 0 2,699
20MB 0 2,999
24MB 0 3,699
35MB 0 4,699
50MB 0 6,999
75MB 0 10,499
100MB 0 13,999

Note: Every bandwidth is available with unlimited downloading.

  • In Multan:

Rates are same as Lahore, but DIGITAL TV option is not available in this city.

  • In Karachi:

This offer is not valid for this city.


Amongst the small business professionals, these are the best type of bundles. In the cooperative sector, right now this is the best one that is now just unbeatable.

Rates for all Cities:

MB Activational Charges Monthly Charges
4MB 5,500 Rupees 2,199 Rupees
10MB 5,500 3,499
16MB 5,500 3,999
20MB 5,500 4,499
24MB 5,500 4,999
35MB 5,500 5,999
50MB 5,500 7,999
75MB 5,500 12,749
100MB  5,500 17,499

These all rates are applicable for unlimited downloading.

  • For Lahore:

For Lahore rates of  SMALL BUSINESS NET PACKAGES is same as the Rates of Residential Internet Bundles:

Wateen Internet Packages 2021 Karachi:

  • This offer is not valid for this city.

Furthermore, Qubee Internet Packages also contain reasonable rates of net bundles.

Important Terms:

  • Taxes are not part of the above rates.
  • If one requires another connection of better speed, then one must need to pay separate charges.

Shifting of a connection from one place to another is not possible. One must need to deactivate previous connection and pay next subscription and monthly charges. For further inquiry, 111-365-111 is their number. At any time, one will get info from this number. Hopefully, the Karachi and also the one Wateen internet packages 2021 Lahore is superb but yet their coverage is the issue that maybe overcome soon.

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